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Astrologers Say 2012 Good for Malaysian Politicians, Sour for Workers

CHENNAI, 1 JANUARY, 2012: The influence of planet Saturn will favor the Malaysian political elite while life for the working class is likely to be jerky in 2012, predict Indian astrologers.


Vedic astrologers tracking planetary movements to chart the horoscope of a nation or an individual say 2012 is a moderate year under the sway of the all-powerful Saturn that is in transition now. 


Malaysia's horoscope is based on the date and time of independence and its geographic location. 


"There will be political bickering, but the political elite will continue to enjoy this year as it favors them.


"But not so good for working class," Arun Bansal, president of the All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies told Bernama. 


While "political tension" would prevail, Malaysia would enjoy "positive growth" with inflow of foreign money on the economic front.  


"There will be more (national) borrowings than income, but growth and development will be good in 2012," added Bansal. 


Vedic astrology is deeply rooted in Indian culture. Astrologers are often consulted for auspicious marriage dates, the shift to a new house, the signing of new contracts or even the purchase of a new car.  


Thousands of astrologers -- from palm leave scroll readers in south Indian temples, street fortune tellers to high-tech experts using computer software to foretell future events -- are much sought-after in cities and villages by the rich or poor.  


"There will be plenty of public anxiety but no major impact on the country (Malaysia). 2012 will be a steady year. The nation may lose senior leaders," explained S. Govindarajan, president of the Astrologers Association based in Mylapore, Chennai.


From his home in Trisshur district in central Kerala, astrologer Raghunath Panicker adds: "Economically, it (Malaysia) will have considerable growth, with more investments. (From) mid-June to mid-July, (there will be) internal crisis and natural calamities."  


Around the globe, inflation would dip, euro-zone crisis would soften in 2012's second half, employment will pick up and there will be plenty of rain to bless abundant food supply and more marriages are likely to happen this year, revealed their astrology readings.  


And, in jest, Delhi-based Bansal concluded that "if the planets are happy, then mankind will be happy," and added that 2012 would be a less stressful year than 2011!  


Indian astrologers have refuted claims of a prophecy that the world will end on Dec 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar. It was misinterpreted, they said.  



- Bernama

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