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"He Put My Nude Photos Online, and Threatened to Have Me Raped"

crystalKUALA LUMPUR: Sometimes love can make you do crazy things.

But after the honeymoon period is over, most people are left ruing the decisions they have made, which usually carry ugly consequences.

Such is the case of 44-year-old Crystal (not her real name, second from left in  pic), who had trusted her ex-boyfriend enough to let him take her nude photos.
However, after she ended their violent three-year relationship, she found herself answering phone calls from unknown men, offering her money for sex. This, she claimed, was the result of her ex putting her nude pictures up on a website and claiming that she was a prostitute.
He even threatened to have her gang-raped.
Relating her ordeal, the single mother of four said she entered into a relationship with a man, referred to only as Frankie, three years ago. She claimed they met during a job interview.
“He was the general manager of the company and interviewed me. Although I didn’t get the job, we kept in contact and later became an item,’ she said.
She said in the course of their relationship, she had consented to him taking nude photos of her, but thought he would delete them based on her request. Some, she said, were taken while she was sleeping.
She claimed he had promised to marry her this year. But that changed when she discovered his secret.
“I found out that not only was he married, but he also had an affair with another woman, even having a child with her.
“The lies proved too much for me,” she said, adding that she ended the relationship in April.
Crystal claimed Frankie became enraged when she ended it, and threatened to expose her nude photos on the internet.
“I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I thought that it would just be empty threats,” she said.
To her horror, she later discovered through a friend that that her photos had been distributed via a bogus email address and forwarded to 14 of her colleagues, including her former supervisor.
“When my supervisor called me, he asked me why I had sent the email to him. I was so embarrassed. There are no words to describe how humiliated I felt when I was asked to resign,” she said, adding that she was advised to lodge a report against her ex-lover.
Crystal claimed she discovered that Frankie had set up a website, on which he had put of her explicit photos to advertise her as a prostitute. Her contact number and home address were listed on the website.
“I was flooded with calls and SMSes from men asking about my services. Frankie had advertised me as offering sex for as low as RM5,” she related amidst tears.
She claimed that when she demanded her house keys from him, he claimed he had given them to thugs, together with her house address, with the instruction to break into her home and rape her.
Terrified for her safety, she is now living with a friend until her ordeal is over. She has since sought the help of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.
She related her ordeal to reporters at the department’s office today. She was accompanied by her legal advisor Mohd Daud Leong and confidant, identified only as Anita.
Chong told reporters that such cases are not unknown, where women are deceived in the name of love.
He said as of June this year, his department had recorded 11 cases of sexual harassment. In 10 of those cases, the victims were women, and four of the cases involved nude photos.
“However, in 2010 we recorded the highest number of sexual harassment incidences, namely 30 cases. Six of those cases involved nudity. In 2011, we had 14 cases, with three involving nude photos.
“With these figures in mind, both men and women should be careful when it comes to such thing. Yes, love can make us react strangely, but be careful as you can never tell what can happen,” he said.
Chong cited an example where a 29-year-old woman approached the department last month, claiming that she had attempted suicide over the distribution of her nude photos.
“She was deeply embarrassed  and could not face her family. We managed to calm her down and talk her out of it,” he said.
Chong urged families to be supportive of their kin in events such as this.
“Regardless  of what mistakes they’ve committed, they still need your support and understanding,” he said.


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