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School-Bullying: Boy Forced to Strip Naked By Seniors, Gets Recorded on Handphone

EVIDENCE: The boy and his father showing the footage recorded on the senior's handphone. Pix: Harian MetroGURUN: "My son was humiliated when he was forced to strip naked in front of a student, who took pictures of him using a mobile phone as a joke.

"Worse, the incident took place in February but was only known when the student’s handphone was seized by a warden on Sept 30."



Those were the words of the father of a 13-year-old male student who goes to a secondary school here. The father regrets the nonchalant attitude of the school’s management which apparently claimed they would not be taking action on the man’s complaint over the incident, Malay daily Harian Metro reported today.

The 36-year-old father said he only knew about his son’s ‘nude video’ after his wife was informed by the school that her son had been called up by the Student Affairs advisor on Oct 1 regarding a bullying case in the school hostel.

He said at the time, his son had only been in the hostel for a month. He said the incident apparently happened when his son, clad in only a towel, was on his way to the bathroom when several seniors called him into their room, stripped him naked and started kicking him repeatedly. "The next day (oct 2), my wife met with the school principal to view the footage on the handphone. The principal informed her a Form Five student was involved in the act, but he refused to show the footage to my wife with the excuse that the phone had ran out of battery.

"My wife also met and spoke to the student in question, asked him why he did that to her son, but the teen asked us to not lodge a police report, at least until he finished his SPM," he said.

The man said he made a report at the Sik police station last Thursday after finding that the school was not very sincere in addressing the matter.

He said subsequently, he went to the school himself to meet the principal, but was again informed that the phone had ran out of battery.

"I asked my wife for a battery charger and charged it in the principal's office. Upon viewing the video, I was shocked to see my naked son being kicked repeatedly by the students.

"I downloaded the recording onto my own phone as evidence. I then went to the Sungai Petani District Education Department but was not entertained," he said.

However, he said he was shocked to learn that a department staff had visited the school regarding the incident, but he was not informed about it.

"They should’ve invited me to discuss how to address this matter. I have the right to know and the school cannot remain silent as my son had been greatly insulted by this incident, although he no longer stays in the hostel," he said.

The father said, he suffered another shock when he learnt that the student who shot the video was only expelled from the hostel on grounds of playing hooky instead of bullying. The student is still schooling there. "I’m afraid that the video would be placed on the Internet. I hope the school will continue investigating the matter in a fair and transparent manner," he added.

Meanwhile, Kedah Education Department director Mansor Latt, when contacted, said he was unaware of the incident and will probe the matter.

"I have to wait for the case report, but the Form Five student can still take his SPM as he is already registered. We will investigate everything but I cannot comment further," he said.


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