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Police Detained Man In Child Abuse Video Clip

HEARTLESS: Screenshots of the 32-year-old man cruelly assaulting the victim in the video clip that has been uploaded on Facebook.KLANG: A 32-year-old car mechanic was nabbed by police after a video clip of him cruelly assaulting his stepson at their house in Klang was uploaded on social website Facebook on Monday.

The nine-minute video clip which was captured in the living room of a house in Taman Intan, Kapar showed a burly man verbally bullying the four-year-old boy before landing a slap on the victim's face sending the skinny child crashing to the ground.

After scolding and threatening the child and ordering him to get on his feet, the thrashing continued with more slaps, punches and kicks. Relentlessly crying, the helpless child who is from the man's second wife's first marriage was also grabbed and slammed into a sofa.

The man was then seen walking to the kitchen of the house before returning with what appears to be a ladle which he then used to hit the child.

A woman believed to be filming the video clip was also heard sighing in the footage saying "Oh God" and "You are scaring the child" in Tamil. However, the man continued the abuse on the terrified victim by making faces, pushing him to the ground before punching him.

Two other children, a one-year-old baby seated next to the abuser and another boy probably a year younger than the victim were also captured in the video clip looking visibly shaken by the assault on the victim. In one part of the footage, the abuser appeared to be threatening the baby seated next to him.

Police said the video clip which they believe was captured by the man's first wife had fallen into the hands of a neighbor in the area who then posted it on Facebook before lodging a police report on Tuesday.

Klang Utara deputy police chief DSP Md Ani Ahmad yesterday said following the police report, the man was arrested at his house late on Monday.

He said the victim was a child of the suspect's second wife (from her first marriage).

He said police learnt that the man took on a second wife after failing to have children with his first wife.

"We are looking for both his first and second wives but we believe they have gone into hiding. We are also checking on who the other two children in the video clips are." he told theSun.

The victim was later sent to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital where he was warded for his injuries.

Police said the case is being investigated for child abuse under the Child Act and the victim is under the care of the Welfare Department.

The video clip is also tagged in the Facebook page of the federal police ( and has received thousands of viewers who condemned the act and calling for severe action be taken against the suspect.

- Charles Ramendran / theSun Daily

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