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Alarming Rise of Sexual Crimes Against Minors: A Call for Harsher Punishment?

The surge in the nefarious acts of rape on children in the last three months is enough to put any parent off from letting their children spend time outside – even to school. In the wake of cases where these detestable predators turn out to be the very people who ferry kids to and from school on a daily basis, who are the parents to trust their children with now?


From May to mid-August alone, reports of rape cases has been on the news almost every day (a little more than baby dumping cases) and an increasing number of victims in these incidences are minors. What’s more worrying is many such incidences go unreported especially when the culprits are someone who is known to the victims (friends, boyfriends, family members, relatives, neighbours or someone they see daily).



Recent Cases of Rape Against Minors


Police statistics shows that sexual crimes have escalated nationwide in the last few years, and rape tops these offences. 1,479 police reports were lodged by rape victims in 2003 and the figure doubled to 3,098 in 2007. The numbers also reveals that sexual crimes against the young have jumped, especially rape involving girls aged 16 and below which makes 50 percent of the total number of rape cases each year.  Below are cases of rape against underage victims reported from June to mid-August:

May 24 - Ampang

Two girls aged 15 were raped at 1:30pm in August last year and at 1pm on May 24, in a house in Taman Lembah Maju, Ampang and the act was repeated with one of the girls at 1pm on May 27 at the same place.

A 54-year old taxi driver, who calls himself 'uncle', was charged for the offenses by Ampang Sessions Courts which later set Aug 16 for re-mention of the three cases. Chin Hock Nam was also charged for molesting at two Ampang Magistrate Courts separately for two offences on an 18-year-old girl at 3pm in mid-February and August last year and four offences for molesting another 17-year-old girl between October 2008 and May last year. The magistrates fixed re-mention of the two trials for July 12 and July 23 respectively.

Police also arrested Chin’s two accomplices – an 18-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy.


Three of the teenagers alleged that Chin had raped them and kept them as sex slaves for almost a year. Chin is said to have his crime recorded and would force the girls into having sex with him again by threatening to make public the video recordings.

August 2 - Kuala Terengganu

A 12-year old girl was coaxed by a 22-year old “lover” into meeting him via SMS and was later raped by him and his two friends. Police said the victim was brought to a house after being picked up by the man’s “representative” in front of a clinic at 4pm.

Three suspects have been detained and remanded for a week.



July 28 - Besut

A form three girl fell into a coma after being injured in a fight with two men attempting to rape her. Sinar Harian reported that the incident happened at 4:30pm while the girl was walking to her family shop from her school.

Police said the girl was suddenly pulled into a car with tinted windows and when the girl put up a fight, the suspect who was driving, lost control of the car and crashed it into a drain.

The girl, who suffered injuries on her nose, leg and neck, was rushed to the hospital at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian, where she later fell into a coma. Police arrested a 23-year-old man and a 15-year old school dropout at a house in Kuala Besut.



July 26 - Petaling Jaya

A 51-year-old van driver was charged with raping two minors – a nine-year old girl and a relative – inside a van. V. Tiagarajan pleaded not guilty to both charges at separate Sessions court. He was first charged with raping the nine-year old girl at Jalan Othman and was arrested on the same day.

The father of three was charged at another Sessions court for raping an underage relative at his house in Taman Medan.



July 16 - Sandakan

A mother found her daughter crying and bleeding from her private part on her return from work at about 7:30pm. Police have de¬tained the victim’s 24-year old uncle man who is suspected of the crime after the girl’s mother lodged a police report. The girl was later admitted to the Duchess of Kent hospital.

It is understood that the suspect was taking care of the woman’s three children, aged between two and four, at their house while she was away.

July 13 & 14 - Ampang

A tow-truck driver and a labourer allegedly befriended more than five schoolchildren (aged 12 to 14) before raping them in a span of one month. More victims are expected to come forward to report the sexual abuse by them.

The two men in their 30s is said to separately stalk the girls at schools before sweet-talking them  into buying them meals and sending them home. The men would later persuade them to go into their car for a spin before taking them to either of the suspects’ home and rape them.

Their acts were exposed when a neighbour of one of the suspects recognised one of the victims and informed her family.

Police arrested the men separately at their homes on July 13 and July 14. The arrests were made after police received the first police report on July 12. So far, police have received five reports and more victims are expected to come forward soon.

July 12 - Klang

A 14-year old girl was brought into a apartment in Jalan Batu Tiga Lama room and raped. A 26-year old marketing executive was arrested for alleged offense. Police found two sports bags which contained panties of various sizes, colours and brands together with pornographic materials when they raided the suspect’s room.

Police said the man had only just moved into the apartment which belonged to the girl’s cousin two days prior to the incident. The victim claimed that the man had molested her and asked her for sex before raping her in the living room. The victim had told her cousin that she was too frightened to tell anyone about the incident as the suspect was strongly built.



January to June - Kota Marudu

Three sisters aged 11, 13 and 14 years lodged separate police reports on June 30 alleging that their father had been raping them since early this year. His act was uncovered when the youngest told her aunt. The 14-year-old told police that she was raped from January to June while the younger two from May to June.

Police have captured the girls’ father – a 43-year old farmer – three days later. The farmer and his wife divorced in 2005 and since then his three daughters had been living with him.

The crime was exposed after one of the sisters unintentionally told her aunt who, upon knowing of it, proceeded to make the police reports.



Stiffer Punishment for Child Rapists?


The alleged rape of a 10-year old girl by a school bus driver in Kulala Lumpur brought into sharp focus the dire necessity of reviewing the penalty for such offences. The case has sparked public uproar  with many calling for death penalty and even castration for child rapists.

Currently, the punishment for rape of a child under the age of 12 under Section 376(2)(e) of the Penal Code is a term of imprisonment which might extend to 30 years together with whipping.

DAP National Chairman and veteran lawyer Karpal Singh recently called upon the government to amend Section 376 of the Penal Code to provide for the death penalty for child rapists.  Although an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, Karpal said, in light of the daily occurrences of rape against children, it was time for the government to act in the public interest which demanded the introduction of measures which were bold and effective.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said enforcing death sentence alone for child rapists would not deter future child rapists.


His argument was, seeing as the death sentence for drug traffickers has not been effective, the outcome would likely to be the same if the same sentrence were to be imposed on child rapists.



Castration: The Most Effective Way to Curb Rape?


As it stands, there will always be the concern of repeat offences by sex offenders and risking our children’s safety by letting those convicted of such crime out either on bail or after they’ve completed serving their sentence(s). Statistics shows that many perpetrators of rape against minors had committed the act many times and with more than one victim.

Seeing as death sentence may be deemed ineffective and even cruel to some, the idea of imposing castration on sex offenders may be next best solution.  Not only would this penalty take away the urge of those who had carried the sentence to repeat his crime, it would also prevent them from having children that could be at risk of becoming their fathers’ victims themselves.
Chemical castration, which is a special drug treatment as oppose to surgical or physical castration, on rapists and paedophiles has proved to be successful in many European countries and several states of the USA. The number of repeated crimes based on sexual motives was reduced by almost 50 percent.

In Great Britain, paedophiles and rapists will be offered injections of leuproreline – a medication that subdues the action of men’s sexual hormones. The anti-paedophile campaign was launched in England after the terrible incident in 2000, when paedophile Roy Whiting murdered eight-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Payne. There are about 110,000 paedophiles in Great Britain.

In the US state of Florida, sentenced prisoners are allowed to choose surgical castration in lieu of prison time. In 2007, confessed rapist James Allen, 35, chose to be castrated to obtain a reduced sentence. Forensic psychiatrists in the US are still split as to whether chemical castration is a successful treatment for sex offenders as some feel castration – physical or chemical – does not guarantee that a man will forever be sexually dysfunctional or that he won't commit rape again.

Some may feel that castration is an inhumane way to punish rapists and paedophiles but such drastic measures may just be what the circumstances call for in the wake the alarming surge in rape cases in the country. If we can make our communities, especially the children, safer why shouldn't we?

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