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PosLaju To Automate Sorting

Pic:, a package delivery service provider, has hired LG CNS, an LG Group company to build Malaysia’s first automatic logistics processing centre based on the latter’s logistics processing solution.

In a statement, LG CNS said it will begin establishing the automatic package sorting system for the integrated parcel centre (IPC) for PosLaju, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pos Malaysia Bhd, which was recently transformed into a private entity.

Last week, LG CNS held an event to test the solution at its company headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, with PosLaju chief operating officer Ahmad Najmi Mahfodz and other managers in attendance.

According to the statement, the total value of the project is estimated at RM20 million, which is expected to be completed by May, next year.

Until recently, LG CNS said Malaysia’s package delivery service providers have relied on 100 per cent manual process to sort and deliver packages.

As the number of packages increased, LG CNS said the Southeast Asian country’s delivery service operators decided to establish the IPC.

Beginning with the first processing centre, the company said PosLaju will build  10 such centres across the nation.

“The PosLaju IPC will be Malaysia's very first automated logistics processing centre. In Malaysia, all parcels have been categorised manually.

“A decision was made to build an automatic logistics processing centre to more efficiently handle the sharply increasing volume of parcels stemming from the spread of electronic commerce and other factors, and to overcome the high-cost and low-efficiency of manual processing,” the statement said.

For Malaysia’s automatic  logistics processing centre, LG CNS said it will apply its VivaSorter, a key logistics processing solution that the company has successfully localised, and proved its world-leading technological prowess.

LG CNS ranked first in the technology score in this tender, participated in by global logistics solution providers from Europe, and proudly won the contract for the Malaysian project.

According to LG CNS, the VivaSorter is a crossbelt sorter (CB Sorter) solutions that was successfully localised for the first time in South Korea.

“The CB Sorter is a key next-generation logistics processing solution that maximises freight-processing efficiency of a logistics processing centre through high-speed and automatic categorisation of freight.

“The VivaSorter of LG CNS is expected to bring about import-replacement effects of at least an annual 50 billion in the Korean logistics processing market, which is 100 per cent dependent on freight-made CB Sorters,” the statement said.