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Meet The Three Female Entrepreneurs Dubbed The Superwomen Of Malaysia

Left to Right: Nurul Zulkifli, Hui Matthews and Cheryl Ann Fernando.Left to Right: Nurul Zulkifli, Hui Matthews and Cheryl Ann Fernando.

Not all heroes wear capes and not all changes are made by those who wear ties.

Embarking on the Superwomen of Malaysia campaign presented by the Samsung Galaxy Note8, three inspirational female entrepreneurs in Malaysia shared how they took the reins and turned their dreams into reality.

From spending years creating change in the education system or building a fashion brand from a humble idea, these superwomen learnt the ropes of their chosen profession, raised families, and mastered the art of balance, and hopes that by sharing their stories, they would be able to inspire like-minded females to start doing bigger and better things.

Nurul Zukifli did not let stiff competition hinder her from making her mark and building a brand identity for herself in the fashion industry.

Her perseverance paid off when she debuted her own fashion label, MimpiKita, at London Fashion Week in 2015 where she was able to showcase her creative and innovative designs to the world.

Taking inspiration from the streets, social media, people she met, discussions with her sister and team, and most of all, from travelling, Nurul also understood the importance of social media that has strongly influenced the fashion industry as a tool to stay relevant in the fast-paced industry.

She capitalised on this knowledge by creating a visually exciting social media timeline to drive customers and visitors to her social media pages and subsequently her boutique.

“It is a challenge to make a mark in the fashion industry especially with many budding and experienced competitors, but I have persisted with the right tools,” she shared.

On the other hand, Hui Matthews took a different route as she focussed on creating fashionable yet affordable fitness wear for everyone.

The inspiration to start her own sports clothing line came from her first road race, the inaugural Malaysian Women Marathon, back in 2013.

Although it can be a handful, she believes in the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle while juggling family and career commitments to be successful.

“Hard work and sacrificial love are quintessential to any sort of success, followed by sheer discipline and determination which are essential ingredients for doing bigger things,” Hui said.

As for Cheryl Ann Fernando, training school leaders to improve the learning of students in underserved communities around the world has become her personal mission where she wants to help carve a mindset in students everywhere that with the right amount of passion and determination, anything is possible.

One great example is when she formed a team of students who barely spoke English into a choral speaking squad that went on to become top qualifiers at a district-level choral speaking competition.

As an educator and motivational speaker, technology is a tool that she greatly utilises to help in her teaching and to achieve her dreams.

“Education today has evolved tremendously and thanks to modern technology, it has introduced new and innovative teaching methods that have reshaped education for students and teachers.

“I believe the role of a teacher today is more of a facilitator; we do more than just provide knowledge.

“Technology has been instrumental in assisting teachers to be more productive, while guiding students to seek information in more interactive ways“, said the educator who uses technology to communicate easily with students that come from different backgrounds.

These women are just an example out of those out there who pursued their ambitions and achieved their goals, and Malaysian Digest believes that women all over Malaysia has what it takes to make all of their dreams become a reality.