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Singaporean Based Blockchain Developers, Izetex Pte Ltd; Close To Finalising A Deal To Acquire A Strategic Stake In The US Listed Company

Ramelle Ramli Executive Chairman of USVR Inc. and Alexey Zagainov President of Izetex Pte LtdRamelle Ramli Executive Chairman of USVR Inc. and Alexey Zagainov President of Izetex Pte Ltd

KUALA LUMPUR: Izetex’s President, Alexey Zagainov and Nikita Kuptsov, Director of Communications, recently met with Executive Chairman, Ramelle Ashram Ramli and the senior management of US VR Inc., to commence discussions for the acquisition of a strategic stake in the fast growing location based entertainment (LBE) VR pioneer’s business.

“With US VR’s strong operational focus in the lucrative South East Asian and Chinese markets, we see this as an important tactical investment to gain ingress in to the world’s fastest growing middle class” says, Kuptsov.

The meeting between the two companies was arranged by Amanah Capital Group Limited (ACGL) the recently appointed Financial Advisers to Izetex.

“The synergies between these two dynamic companies was apparent to us from the onset” commented Abas A Jalil, CEO of Amanah Capital. “We are tremendously excited about the potential for their collaboration in the near future” he added.

Izetex, who are about to commence a major ICO roadshow throughout the Asian region, and USVR, owners of the Hero Central Brand and Global Pioneers in VR based LBE centres, are also exploring the adoption and integration of the IZX coin, (cryptocurrency) as part of the Hero Central Park Digital Platform, to be rolled out in all Hero Central Parks on a global basis.

Ramelle commented, “Izetex have an amazing Blockchain platform which very much aligns with our own Digital Platform and this synergy creates a very compelling case for its integration.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, discussions are advancing quickly, and it appears they are on track to conclude negotiations in early April.

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