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Exclusive Interview With Malaysia’s Only Playboy Bunny

Pix: eforericyong.blogspot.comPix: eforericyong.blogspot.comIpoh-raised Felixia Yeap has come a long way from being an unknown small town girl. Born in Kuala Lumpur, she started her modeling career at a tender age of 17 and since then she has won numerous beauty pageants, graced the covers of major magazines before becoming a finalist for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. Before long, she landed a gig as the Official Playboy Bunny for Playboy Macau after she was among the 16 out of 600 hopefuls from around the world who made the cut.

But it has not been all bed of roses for Felixia. Apparently, she did go through hard times during her stint as a kindergarten teacher earning minimum wage. At one point, she even had to rent store rooms to live in to survive. She may describe herself as a shy, homely and quiet type but don’t mess with this Bunny as she has a way with those who think they can get away with sending her indecent proposals. The feisty former teacher is known for shaming lowly men who make such foolish attempts by posting their remarks and photos on her blog for all to see.

Malaysia Digest recently caught up with the highflying former Bunny recently to find out what it’s like to be the official Ring Girl for Asia’s biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) event organizers ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC). You can catch the 20-something year old 5’ 7”, 32C-24.5-34.5 knockout live in the upcoming ONE FC: Return of Warriors which will be held in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil on Feb 2. Click here to win VIP tickets!

Pix: mmacrypt.comPix: mmacrypt.comMalaysian Digest: You are Malaysia’s only Playboy Bunny. Tell us, what it’s like in Hugh Hefner’s famous mansion?

Felixia Yeap: I am a Playboy Bunny, well, a former Playboy Bunny now, and Playboy Bunnies are based in the Playboy Clubs and Casinos. People normally mistaken us (Playboy Bunnies) as Hugh Hefner's girlfriends or Playboy centerfold models or Playmates, which are entirely different.

Playboy Bunnies are sometimes invited to join the infamous parties going on in Hugh's mansion, but unfortunately, the invitations only came when I had left Playboy Club Macao.

Pix: hkclubbing.comPix: hkclubbing.comMD: Where are you originally from?

FY: I am born in Kuala Lumpur, and I grew up in Ipoh.

How did you get into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?

I was scouted by ONE FC and by one of my supporters in my Facebook fan page to be their official ring girl.

Pix: prettyindefb.blogspot.comPix: prettyindefb.blogspot.comHow's the experience been so far?

It has been exciting all along and the adrenaline rush is getting more intense by the day as the event approaches.

Do you like watching two men fighting in a cage? Are you an MMA fan?

I like MMA as I love action movies. And I find men who fight sexy and I am sure, after my show in ONE FC: Return of Warriors, I will be a diehard fan.

There’s a video of you on YouTube as a mermaid. What was that all about?

I have always been fascinated with mermaids and their mystical grace ever since I was in kindergarten. To be a mermaid have always been like a childhood fantasy, and from there my love for being underwater, learning free dive and doing underwater tricks grew. The mermaid video in YouTube is my debut video as a professional mermaid who could be hired for poolside events, parties and aquarium shows.

You represented Malaysia in the 2008 Beijing Olympic – Olympics Beauty. What was that like?

It was a whole lot of fun to be in an international beauty pageant with over 70 beauty queens from all over the world. It was tough, but at the same time I have learnt to be a culturally diversified person and I gained some once-in-a-lifetime experience just from that.

Pix: zerotohundred.comPix: zerotohundred.comYou were a finalist for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 but you quit from the Miss Malaysia World 2009 beauty pageant earlier as you disagreed with the terms and conditions of the competition. Can you tell us what you had disagreed on in the T&C?

I believe all these contracts are confidential, thus I would not elaborate more on the details. But what I can say is, the contract was least beneficial to my modeling career and was a little one-sided.

felixia_yeap-11111111Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend?

I wish, and I wish. No, and no. LOL

Have any MMA fighters tried to hit on you so far?

I have not met any of them yet for now and, therefore, no comment.

Pix: stardazzled.netPix: stardazzled.netTell us some things that people may not know about you.

I used to be a full time kindergarten teacher before I did fulltime modeling and blogging. I don't smoke or drink at all, and I am a very shy person. I was the ‘Best Student in Arts’ back in high school and I was a straight ‘A’ student.

Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

For now it would be Peter Davis, Raymond Tiew and Melvin Yeoh... and many more. Ha ha.

Pix: eforericyong.blogspot.comPix: eforericyong.blogspot.comWhat do you think about the fight card set for Feb 2? Which matchup are you looking forward to the most?

I think all the matchups are pretty intense. I would love to see Rey Docyogen vs Shinichi Kojima.

Who are you rooting for in the upcoming ONE FC: Return of Warriors on Feb 2?

I’m not really rooting for anyone. But, of course, I hope my fellow Malaysians will win.

Why should people come to Stadium Putra on Feb 2?

Come to see real men fight. Enjoy the intensity of each blow and kick and also for us, the official ONE FC Ring Girls in action around the cage!

- mD