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Own A Car And Get Paid

"You can make easy money doing nothing but drive," says Shamir"You can make easy money doing nothing but drive," says ShamirWE often see taxis and buses with colourful advertisements plastered on their sides and back. That was all we see when we stop at traffic lights, surrounded by other vehicles with nothing else to look at.
But what if we drive cars that people stare at in traffic? 
Imagine your car being a moving advertisement on the road. And get paid for it.
In UK, for the past two and a half years, using private vehicles as moving billboards has become a popular medium. Advertisers mostly choose college or university students with cars because these students live in densely populated areas that surrounds the campus.
In the US, Transit Advertising is done on public transports, such as buses and subways and other static advertising such as billboards and banners. 
But placing ads on private vehicles has a bigger impact on motorists here because most Malaysians spend many hours commuting on the road.
A student's car being used as transit advertisement in UK    /Google ImagesA student's car being used as transit advertisement in UK /Google ImagesThis new form of advertising has already made huge waves in UK and America, and now it has arrived in Malaysia with a local company 59motorads.
59Motorads targets normal car owners within the middle income bracket such as young executives and students. The chosen ones who qualify to have their cars made into moving billboards will get paid to drive. Sounds tempting, isn't it?
All they have to do is go about their normal daily routine, commuting to and from the workplace, drive out of town on business or pleasure trips or simply go for a Sunday drive out to the countryside or the beach.
The only difference is, there will be stickers plastered on their cars. Advertisement stickers on the hood, the roof and sides of the car, and a safety bumper sticker at the back (trunk) of the car.
59Motorads use only the best quality 3M vinyl stickers that are colourful and eye-catching that will attract lots of attention. Furthermore, these stickers are reflective and will surely pique other drivers' interest even during night time.
Why choose private vehicles? 
When met by Malaysian Digest, 59Motorads executive director Mohd Shamir Mohd Hassan said jokingly, "The (ad space) on buses, taxis and LRTs have all been taken up."
"Actually, students and young execs who own cars have to pay monthly car instalments and this advertising concept will somewhat help alleviate their financial problems," he explained.
The drivers are paid RM500 a month, providing that they clock in the required 18 kilometers per day or 125 kilometers per week. The money paid is actually 'rental' payment by the advertiser for using the vehicle as a medium (or billboard) for advertisement.
"The minimum package or contract for the driver is three months, but we will always recommend a six months contract to the advertisers," he said, adding that they also try to get a year long contract for their drivers.
This is what a car wrap looks like    /Google ImagesThis is what a car wrap looks like /Google ImagesShamir stresses that the RM500 is a fixed payment, "It is more like a reimbursement plan for car owners. The advertisers will pay car owners direct via Motorads company.
"Imagine this, you pay RM400 for your monthly car instalment. All you need to do is take a photo of the receipt (as proof) once payment was made, upload it in our website, and we will pay RM500 directly into your personal account. You actually make an extra RM100.
"And if your instalment is RM800, just follow the same procedures. Pay instalment, take photo, upload, and we will bank in the money," he said.
"However, we will only pay RM500. If your monthly car instalment is RM800, you still have to top up the remaining RM300".
If the advertiser wants to extend the contract up to one year, and these drivers managed to clock in a total of 18,000 kilometers, then they will be paid a bonus of RM1,000.
"Let's say it's a one year contract - you're paid RM500 (x 12 months) + RM1,000 - in the end you actually get paid RM7,000 easily, just for utilising your car as a moving billboard."
Apart from the money, car owners will also have a GPS system installed in their vehicles (only within the contract term).
"This is to keep track of the cars, whether they are clocking in the required distance. Think of it as a safety supplementary benefit," says Shamir.
He added that the GPS can track mileage, the routes taken, and even stops at petrol stations. Basically it records everything.
"It may not be much, but I think this is a good deal for the car owners. They don't provide GPS in UK but they do in US. 59Motorads take only the best ideas and implement it in our transit advertising concept".
Just drive and cash it in    /Google ImagesJust drive and cash it in /Google Images"At least drivers know that their car is safe, even if it is for a minimum 3 months. In case of car theft, we can track down the car instantaneously," he said.
Once the contract is over, 59Motorads will take out the GPS system and tear out the stickers.
In the process of tearing out the stickers, if somehow the paint on the car comes of is damaged, 59Motorads will have it repainted free of charge.
How do one qualify as a 59Motorads paid driver?
Of course you must have a valid driver's license, own your own car and have a good driving record. Make sure your car is in good condition, clean and well maintained.
59Motorads has a very strict screening process when choosing qualified drivers and this include background checks, driving record checks, personal references and professional references.
Today there are many ways for us Malaysians to make money or reduce our expenses.
Where there is the government providing us with BR1M, we now have an easier way to earn money by practically doing very little.
Simply log on to, click Join Now and fill in the necessary details. For those using android mobile phones, there is a 59motorads app where u can register.
No more trouble looking for cash paying monthly car instalments. All you need to worry about is to drive your car around and get paid.