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Malaysia Is In The World's Top 10 Slowest Internet Connection

We have one of the slowest connections in the world/Google ImagesWe have one of the slowest connections in the world/Google ImagesTHE internet phenomenon, the ups and downs.

The internet was made available to the world in the late 80s through dial up connections which was able to reach maximum speed of 56 kilobits. A broadband connection now is easily able to reach a minimum speed of about 700 kilobits per second quite easily.

There are different ways to connect to the internet, fiber optic cables are a popular choice and are now the fastest way access the internet. The electrical signals are converted to light and are transported through optical cables. Ordinary cables are still used in the back of the modern day modems; these use coaxial lines to connect to the internet. Wireless connections are used in short distances, typically a router helps send wireless signals that are caught and made use of by those nearby. In remote areas satellites are made use of to access the internet.

Accessing the internet in this day and age is very easy; also the internet is accessible through different platforms like the mobile television and tablet.

Fast internet can be found in many pockets of the different parts of the world, the United States of America which had in the past produced the biggest companies on the internet does not feature until the 11th spot in list of fastest internet speeds in the world. The internet connection in Hong Kong though is one of the fastest in the world. it speeds touch an average high speed of over 50 Mbps while in America average high only near 39 Mbps.

Japan is a technologically advanced country had in place numerous optical giver cables in a very systematic system in our country hence they also feature very high in the list of fast internet speeds. Singapore has five major internet service providers that provide fast internet through a fiber optical cable project in 2010.

The internet connection in Israel Is reported to be able you reach a maximum of over 90% of its population. It is one other free of the Middle Eastern countries where internet is this developed.

In Europe fast internet connection Is found in Romania where speeds reach up to 45mbps. Bulgaria was one had one of the fastest intergender speeds in the world, in 1999 sweeten ADSL was introduced to the country. Switzerland the Netherlands Bulgaria all have fast connections in Europe.

Most countries which are involved in wars as a rule do not have the fastest internet connections, for example the internet connections in places like Syria, Iran, Libya are typically very weak and erratic. Internet connections here are around 256 kb per second.

The internet is not a very popular phenomenon in places like Nepal because the country is landlocked and has a very rocky terrain, not to mention it is a bit technologically backward.

It is also difficult to provide internet to vast countries like India, only a small number of the population of India use the internet and speeds in most parts are as slow as 256kbps.

Top 10 Fastest Internet Speed

1) Hong Kong

2) South Korea

3) Japan

4) Latvia

5) Romania

6) Belgium

7) Switzerland

8) Bulgaria

9) Israel

10) Singapore

Top 10 Slowest in World

1) Libya

2) Nepal

3) Nigeria

4) Iran

5) India

6) Bolivia

7) Syria

8) Indonesia

9) Kazakhastan

10) Malaysia