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Life As A Part-Time Prostitute- Why I ‘Do It’?

When Madonna, the singer, was asked in a recent interview as to what was the most important job in the world, she replied, “Prostitution, of course”. Referred to as the ‘world’s oldest profession’, even employed people would venture to gain extra income from these licentious activities.

Lorong Haji Taib, Bukit Bintang and Chow Kit are among the popular red light districts in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where it is deplorable to see prostitutes loitering around. While these prostitutes lead their lives lewdly selling their bodies to make a decent living, Malaysian Digest however, has uncovered that for some, men and women alike, despite working in the corporate sector and living comfortably, they wish to moonlight in the evening.

Crystal works in a nine-to-five job in the corporate sector somewhere in the affluent Petaling Jaya. Yet, searching through a list of ‘personnel’s’ online, she advertises her special services at night.

“Looking to have some fun tonight?” posts Crystal steadfastly almost every evening.

Another one of Crystal's 'seducious' posts. Each of the food describes a particular race in Malaysia.Another one of Crystal's 'seducious' posts. Each of the food describes a particular race in Malaysia.

A question that begs: If it’s not for survival, then why would someone who is highly paid with a good monthly income decide to engage in indecent activities that would make them be deemed as ‘cheap’?


Loving Both, Sex And Money

In our interview with Crystal, we probed a little further about the reason why she does what she does as her odd job, despite being a corporate professional.

“I love my day job, and I also enjoy my night job, I love what I do - for the sex and for the money. It is a service, just like being a taxi driver or being a masseuse. You get paid to do a service, and it is good money. I love to be financially independent, “she favourably tells us.

Her list of services are almost exhaustive, and translating them would require using an urban dictionary for sexual slangs.


WeChat ScreenshotWeChat Screenshot


WeChat ScreenshotWeChat Screenshot


Delving further into financial matters, she tells us, “I have friends who do the same thing after work, even married women. We all do it for different reasons, some need to feed their kids, while some like extra cash to go shopping and buy branded goods. Unlike me, I am not interested in all that because I am not materialistic.

“I am working so that I have enough money to start my own business next year. I want to earn a five-figure income every night," she adds.

When asked if she is in a relationship or married, she quickly prodded, “I am single and nothing is holding me back to do what I love doing. I don’t need to depend on any man, and I am not interested to get married or be bounded into any relationships. Nothing or no one will stop me”.

“I enjoy it, and I love all the sex (and the explicit acts). I even service married couples who want a threesome, and all of us benefit from it. You got to have the passion and love for it. I don’t believe that it’s wrong. People in our country are just not liberal and definitely not accepting to odd jobs like these. I work every day except on Sunday’s. For me, I have no issues with my odd job, and don’t feel like it should be discriminated,” were her responses on whether being a part-time prostitute is demeaning.

Feeling Fully Female

Besides many women like Crystal who work as part-time prostitutes and love their odd job, there are transsexual prostitutes too who share a common story. We met up with K, a transsexual working in the Ampang vicinity.

K looked attractive and convincingly feminine in her white dress, but there were enough tell-tale signs to differentiate her from being fully female. In her conversations with Malaysian Digest, she opens up about her life as a part-time transsexual prostitute.

“I need income, and naturally I feel like a woman. It’s hard to get good pay in Sabah, which explains why you see many Sabahans working here. Right now, I work at Parkson’s cosmetics section. Do you think the pay as a sales assistant is sufficient?”

Curious about the type of customers that seek her services, K elucidates, “There are so many guys who come to me. And these people that I meet, they need me. They might not be getting ‘it’ from their wives and sometimes they are single and enjoy my services. So, I am glad I can offer them what they need.”

“Some people say that being a transsexual is because of one’s upbringing. But no, for me, I was born a woman and I’ve felt like this is my true-self ever since I was young,” was K’s reaction towards society who are judgemental over people like her.

“After all, I do need the money, and I obviously enjoy men ‘doing’ me. Men or women - we all have the desire to 'do it', right? But it’s difficult when it comes to my parents, so I rarely meet up with them. When I go back to my hometown, I have to be all manly again, and I hate it. None of my parents know of my ‘secret life’ as a transsexual and a part-time prostitute.”

Again, our inquisitiveness led to the next question about her private parts: “So, you don’t have (the male private part)?,” we asked.

She answers, “No, I had it removed. It’s just like a hole now. Not all (transsexuals) do this operation. I wish I could have breasts too, but again, my parents would find out. ”

On her side-earnings from her part-time job, she tells us, “The lowest I charge is RM50, but most of the time I just charge RM100. For the more beautiful transsexuals, their charge could go as high as RM1000.”


Guys Just Wanna Have Fun

On the other end of the gender spectrum, there are males who work as part-time escorts. Gigolos, if you will. Although finding them online is becoming more elusive, contrary to the mushrooming transsexual prostitutes, a few women do pay up to have sex with men too.

A run through online local classifieds and services forums in Malaysia, under the category ‘Male For Females’, a list of endless posts from horny students and sex workers appear. A few, claim to be escorts who offer more than NSA (no strings attached) relationships.



In our interview with one part-time male ‘socialite’, he cynically questions us, “Why else would anyone take up a part-time jobs? Because they need the money right? And so do I.”

“Aside the money, I do it for fun of course, and I just love doing it despite my day job. Sex is obviously my primary motivation,” he sneered.

In a local report, a woman who hires part-time male escorts says, “They meet at cafes, bars, night clubs, cinemas and shopping malls. She checks out her ‘package’, approves of it and continues from there.”

Screenshot of a local male escort websiteScreenshot of a local male escort website


She also points that the demographics of customers slanted toward young working women, usually from ages 25 to 30 years old, who have the cash, but not the time due to the busy nature of their work.

Seeing most students are also earning ‘easy’, and extra pocket money as part-time prostitutes and male escorts, we asked Monit, who allegedly calls himself a ‘playboy’ and is also a local medical student, if he is willing to offer services as a part-time male escort.

“If I can easily pick-up girls in night clubs, why would I need to become a male escort? There’s no way I’m going to 'do' older women like Datin’s and such, not even if they paid me a fortune. I’m pretty sure they (who seek these services) are mostly women who are not getting any ‘loving’ from other people.”

Perhaps, the demand for part-time male escorts have been replaced by men who take women out on dates, and that explains the poor demand, and the reason why some men even offer their services for free. In contrast, male escorts for gays- full and part-time, are on the rise in our country. A gay friend also quipped that he would definitely pay to hire a gay male escort.

The Sexual Landscape In Malaysia

It is apparent that part-time prostitution is nothing new in Malaysia, however remains hush-hush in a somewhat conservative society as this. As the demand for prostitution also rises especially in the city, it’s no surprise why educated individuals, whether females, transsexuals or males, with proper day jobs are turning into offering ‘favours’ and services for personal reasons, be it hunger for money, or fulfillment of lust. Are such acts also striking a literal work-life balance, we wonder?

And while we don’t necessarily forgive them, or accept them for becoming what they choose to be, we do somewhat understand that sex always sells. While some proudly do it, others hang their heads in shame, living under a shield of disguise to avoid stigma and discrimination. After all, in the business, pleasure does come with a price.


- Malaysian Digest