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Malaysia's Highest Paid Footballers

JUST like in most parts of the world, football is without doubt the most popular sport in Malaysia. The sport appears to fuel the veins of most males, with much passion and excitement that some even spent their childhood dreaming of becoming a professional footballer and make it to superstardom.

Yet somehow, those dreams were somewhere along the road short-lived with greater ambitions, and in view that becoming a footballer will not put food on the table. But this is in fact far from true.

Yesterday, the Malaysian Super League Facebook page ( released a table of estimated salaries of the 7 highest paid footballers in the country, and here are the figures:

- Safee Sali (JDT) = RM120,000/mo
- Amri Yahyah (JDT) = RM85,000/mo
- Norshahrul Idlan Talha (ATM) = RM80,000/mo
- Indra Putra Mahyuddin (Felda United) = RM75,000/mo
- Baddrol Baktiar (Kedah) = RM65,000/mo
- Safiq Rahim (JDT) = RM50,000/mo
- Badhri Radzi (Kelantan) = RM40,000/mo

Bearing in mind that these are the highest paid players in the country, we cannot say for sure how accurate these figures actually are, as it is yet to be confirmed.

On the other hand, it is known that some teams have been faced with financial problems in the last season, and among them were Selangor and Perlis whose players claimed they had not been receiving their monthly salaries from their respective associations.


- mD