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Some Little Known Facts On Malaysian Vehicle Registration Plates

In Malaysia, the Malaysian Road Transport Department(JPJ) regulates the issuing of vehicle registration plates. While many of us know the prefixes for our own state but not many people can readily identify the whole list of prefixes available in Malaysia when we consider the other states, as well as East Malaysia, military, taxi, airport limousines and royalty prefixes

For the registration plates of Peninsular Malaysia, the algorithm started with a state prefix and a number sequence (from 1 to 9999).

However, due to their similarities with the numbers 1 and 0, the letters I and O are excluded from the alphabetical sequences for Malaysian vehicle plates. Furthermore, there will be no leading zeroes in the number sequence.

Following are the prefixes for vehicle plates of different states, districts and categories:

Peninsular Malaysia

A – Perak
B – Selangor
C – Pahang
D – Kelantan
J – Johor
K – Kedah
M – Melaka
N – Negeri Sembilan
P – Penang
R – Perlis
T – Terengganu
W – Kuala Lumpur
Putrajaya – Putrajaya
KV – Pulau Langkawi
Z – Army


SA, SAA-SAB – West Coast
SB – Beaufort
SD – Lahad Datu
SK – Sabah Government
SL – Labuan
SS – Sandakan
ST – Tawau
SU – Keningau


Meanwhile, the current alphabets for most Sarawak’s districts start with the constant Q prefix, followed by the division prefix and the number sequence.

QA and QK: Kuching
QB: Sri Aman
QC: Kota Samarahan
QL: Limbang
QM: Miri
QP: Kapit
QR: Sarikei
QS: Sibu
QT: Bintulu
QSG: Government of Sarawak


Taxi license plates follow a H prefix in Malaysia which means ‘hire’ and have inverted colors with black letters and white background for distinction purposes.

HA – Perak
HB – Selangor
HC – Pahang
HE – Sabah
HJ – Johor
HK – Kedah
HL – Labuan
HM – Melaka
HN – Negeri Sembilan
HP – Penang
HQ – Sarawak
HR – Perlis
HS – Sabah
HT – Terengganu
HW – Kuala Lumpur

Following the opening of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), LIMO****W or LIMO***B were introduced for KLIA limousines. For example, LIMO 1130 W.


In Malaysia, license plates numbers with the Z prefix are reserved for military.  Z is the constant prefix for all Malaysian Armed Forces vehicles while B is the branch prefix. For example D is for Malaysian Army and U is for royal Malaysian Air Force.

ZA to ZD – The Malaysian Army
ZL – Royal Malaysian Navy
ZU – Royal Malaysian Air Force
JMF – The Royal Johor Military Force

Royal Vehicle  

The Sultans of Malaysia, Rulers of States and their immediate royalties use unique registration plates. Most of these official license plates have a yellow background and bear the royal crest of the owner.

Special Vanity Plates

Mother of local personality, Shaheizy Sam, 33, received a police summon last year for his unique car plate number MCM 1774 which almost looks like the word MOMMYMother of local personality, Shaheizy Sam, 33, received a police summon last year for his unique car plate number MCM 1774 which almost looks like the word MOMMY

Personalized vanity number plates require official approval so there are limited number of special vanity plates available by the Malaysian Road Transport Department at a higher cost. For example, the prefix such as Proton for Proton cars and SUKOM for 1998 Commonwealth Games.

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