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"The Ahmad Maslan 3.85 Club": Celebrating Politicians With Academic Excellence

from left: Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, Tony Pua, Yeo Bee Yin, Rafizi Ramli, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Ong Kian Mingfrom left: Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, Tony Pua, Yeo Bee Yin, Rafizi Ramli, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Ong Kian Ming

In the past few weeks, there is one politician in our land who has been hit with a barrage of criticism and ridicule more than anyone else. No, not even our Prime Minister has endured the same level of abuse. The man in question happens to be Datuk Ahmad Maslan, our Deputy Finance Minister.

The Pontian MP has always been a target of mockery from the public for his ‘controversial’ remarks, but the storm of abuse on Maslan increased recently when he came out publicly defending the recently imposed Goods and Service Tax (GST).

A couple of years ago he decided to defend himself by claiming that he was not stupid and in fact had graduated from his MBA with a 3.85 CGPA. This particular statement has now turned into the public’s favourite ammunition when hurling insults in his direction. There are even t-shirts made with “3.85 CGPA” written on it in ‘honour’ of the popularity of his statement.

On a personal level, we don’t think one’s CGPA or academic achievement is any indicator on how good the person will perform on the job. But let’s just say it is important, which in that case we have rounded up a short list of politicians who’ve excelled on the academic front.

All these politicians will be inducted into what we call “The Ahmad Maslan 3.85 Club”. Whether or not they consider it as a privilege or not, is a whole other matter altogether.

Yeo Bee Yin

The Damansara Utama assemblywoman is seen as a rising star for DAP. And if you were to judge based on the “Ahmad Maslan” criteria, it would come as no surprise as she graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

After two years of working, she went to pursue a Masters in Philosophy in Advanced Chemical Engineering at the prestigious Cambridge University. With achievements like these, she might even be club President!

Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh

The Education Minister was the best student during his school days at the elite Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR), and in fact had been sent by the government to enter a matriculation course in Australia even before his MCE results were announced.

The death of his father caused him to return home early, but he continued his studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and achieved a Golden Award for “Best Student” in the process. He later graduated with an MBA from the University of New Heaven, USA and also took an Advanced Management Programme at Harvard University.

Khairy Jamaluddin

It is a well-known fact that this ‘face of Gen Y’ and ‘Malaysia’s Undisputed Twitter Icon’ is a graduate from the prestigious Oxford University. When you graduate from an institution like that, it doesn’t matter what your CGPA is, you are accepted into the Ahmad Maslan 3.85 Club!

Other than a Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford, Khairy also holds a Master’s Degree in Legal and Political Theory from University College London.

Tony Pua

Anybody who follows Tony on social media or watches his debates in parliament knows he is one smart fella. His views on issues such as 1MDB and GST have been particularly impressive.

Just like Khairy, this Petaling Jaya Utara MP also graduated from Oxford University. He received a Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics under a scholarship from the MTC Foundation in 1994.

Ong Kian Ming

Another DAP politician who has impressed the public with intellectual views is Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming. His work background before entering politics is impressive, with roles as a university lecturer, a Blue Ocean Strategy consultant, and policy analyst for SEDAR and INSAP.

His education background is equally impressive. He started out with a Bachelor’s Degree from the prestigious London School of Economics, then went on to complete a Masters in Economics from the elite Cambridge University and topped things off with a PhD in political science from Duke University, USA as a Fulbright scholar.

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud

Having a degree in medicine is an impressive feat. Having a Master’s degree in the same field is even more remarkable. Holding an MBA is also an accomplishment.

But this PAS MP for Kota Raja has achieved all three! She finished her medical degree from Cairo University, completed her Master’s in Physiology in the University of London and graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) with an MBA.

Rafizi Ramli

Let’s face it – everyone in Malaysia by now knows Rafizi is one smart dude. In terms of academics, he showed his abilities very early on – being the best SRP and SPM student at the elite Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). He was also a debate champion at national level.

He went on to achieve a few Best Student awards during his A-Levels at Morrison’s Academy in Scotland and also won the best first year student for Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Leeds University.


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