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Meet Munira Khairuddin, Batgirl's Sidekick Who Happens To Be A Malay Girl

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Not only is she a super spy operating deep undercover but she is a top espionage fighter with her very own codename, a.k.a Obscura and she is Malaysian!

In fact, she has the distinction of being the first Malaysian to make an appearance in DC Comics, making her debut in Batgirl #32 which was published in 2014.

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As with all the comic characters that appear in DC Comics publications, Munira Khairuddin has been created with a complex character background.

The story goes that she is a Malay girl who was studying in Gotham University and struck up a friendship with Barbara Gordon, a.k.a Batgirl.

At the age of 18 years old, she was then recruited by the US government into an elite counter terrorism squad specializing in espionage.FilePic: magicalips.comFilePic:

Sounds vaguely familiar? Yes, many have pointed to parallels to her more famous counterpart in Marvel Comics, Black Widow, the kick-ass former Russian spy who can take down male villains on her own terms.

Munira even had to fake her own death as part of her mission, much to Batgirl's grief as aptly recounted in the comic book site, retcon.punch.

"The college roommate in question is Munira Khairuddin, adorably shortened to “Muni,” a new creation by Simone. You might not have guess that, however, because Simone weaves Muni into Babs’ pre-New-52 history, even going so far as show Barbara grieving for her assumed-dead friend while in her wheelchair."

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Munira's Malaysian roots came to light when the DC Comics writer who created her, Gail Simone, confirmed the character's background in 2 separate Tumblr posts.

Gail describes Obscura as "a Malaysian Muslim woman in Batgirl (the Barbara Gordon one), working as a top espionage fighter in the Spy Smasher division."

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Blogger Jaymee Goh had written in her blog in December 2014 about how the DC Comics writer had approached her for help to conjure up Munira.

"We came up with Munira Khairuddin, a super spy foil to Batgirl, revamping Spy-Smasher/Katrina Armstrong," Jaymee wrote. "She's loosely based on an actual friend of mine, Munira Mustaffa, a Malay woman doing security studies in the UK right now with an eye to researching terrorism in SEAsia."

Definitely a fascinating character that we hope to see more of in future Batgirl instalments.

Following that thought, any suggestions on who would be the ideal actress to portray super spy Obscura if she is to make an appearence in any upcoming DC universe movies or TV series...

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