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[VIDEO] Mat Salleh Reviews Nasi Lemak Wanjo In Fluent Malay, Eats Like A Local With His Hands

We’ve all heard ‘Mat Sallehs’ speaking in Malay and often deemed it to be humourous – but prepare to be amazed by this British blogger who speaks fluent Malay.

Rhys William is the curator behind ‘Mat Salleh Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan’ and as the name suggests, he walks about Malaysia to enjoy our scrumptious local delicacies whilst reviewing them.

On Monday, Destinasi TV uploaded a video of Rhys enjoying a plate of nasi lemak, and concluded it to be “Serious sedap! (Seriously tasty!)”

So, which nasi lemak stall was it?

It’s the humble ‘Nasi Lemak Wanjo’ stall located in Kampung Baru − a familiar favourite among the locals, to which Rhys equally dubbed the “Champion of nasi lemak.”

The seven-minute video introduced viewers to a man named Nazri, who shares that the family business was founded in December 1963 by his grandmother and after a quick history lesson, it was “makan time (time to eat)”.

As the video progresses, Rhys shares with his audiences that the plate may look like your typical nasi lemak, but the magic happens upon taking that first bite.

And as if his impeccable Malay wasn’t commendable enough, he proves how ‘Malaysian’ he is by setting aside his cutlery and eating with his right hand.

Pedas tahu sambal dia (The sauce is spicy),” he said stating that not only is the rice fluffy, but the anchovies had the right amount of crunch to it.

Although his face was red as a tomato, Rhys concluded that the nasi lemak was seriously delicious.

Before the video came to an end, he called upon netizens to recommend him more local cuisines to try and without a doubt, they showered him with suggestions:

“Nasi daun pisang at Kanna Curry House Seksyen 16!,” Sharmila Adnan wrote.

“Char Kuey Teow. Nasi kandar line clear. Come to Penang – Malaysia’s food haven,” one proud Penangnite wrote.

“In Kelantan we have nasi kerabu and ‘kuih itik emas’,” Yazwan Ahmad shared.

The video has since received over 730k views and 16k shares with netizens applauding Rhys for his fluency in Bahasa Malaysia.

According to his food blog, Rhys first came to Malaysia in 2012 on a holiday before making the life-changing decision to move here and started learning Malay in November 2014.

- Malaysian Digest