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The Hotel-Hopping Assassin

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — AS the intrigue involving the death of Kim Jong-nam deepens, Malay Mail Afternoon reconstructs the movements of ‘LOL’ assassin before and after the murder at klia2.

Doan Thi Huong, holding a Vietnamese passport, stayed in three different hotels in Sepang from the eve of the assassination until she was arrested on Tuesday.

Staff of the three hotels variously described her from being bubbly to complaining.

Malay Mail crime reporter Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin's investigations showed:

Saturday 5pm, Qlassic Hotel ...

Checked into Qlassic Hotel in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi on Saturday at about 5pm.

Was alone and carrying a bag.

Was unable to extend her stay as there were no rooms available.

Hotel manager said police visited the hotel on Wednesday to check CCTV recordings but were unable to find anything as footage was overwritten.

"Our CCTV records on a loop erasing any footage from the weekend," the manager said.

Sunday 2pm, City View Hotel ...

Checked into City View Hotel in the same area on Sunday and left her hotel room early next morning in white 'LOL' blouse and blue denim skirt.

Returned to her room at about 10am Monday.

Checked out at 11.30am, complaining internet was slow.

"She went up to her room, cleared her belongings and checked out at 11.30am," the receptionist said.

"She complained the internet was too slow."

Monday 3.30pm, Sky Star Hotel ...

Stayed at Sky Hotel on Monday evening before she was picked up by police on Tuesday.

Was still in white 'LOL' blouse and blue denim skirt and wore blue contact lenses.

Remained in her room until 8pm on Monday, leaving the hotel donning a face mask.

Hotel receptionist D. Reena, 28, described Doan as "bubbly", "friendly" and "child-like".

"On Tuesday, she approached us at the counter at around 9.30am and asked for directions on how to get to the city," said Reena.

The suspect walked out of the hotel but returned at 11am with five police officers.

What happened then?

Reena said Doan was not handcuffed at that point as the suspect and police went upstairs.

They spent six hours in the room.

They left at 5pm.

"Police sealed the room and when they left, the suspect was in handcuffs. But her hands were covered with a jacket," she said.

Police returned to the hotel on Wednesday at 11am with the suspect and examined the room for several hours before they left.

Investigators visited the hotel yesterday 7pm, this time for CCTV footage.

"They downloaded CCTV recordings onto a disc and deleted those parts from our server," she added.