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Teen Who Spent Too Much Time On Facebook Got Her Throat Slit By Her Father

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It started off like any argument between a teenager and her father, as he lectured her over spending too much time on Facebook.

However, things took a turn for the worst when the argument escalated and her father got enraged and slashed her throat.

Joi, a 41-year-old man from Phatthalung, Thailand had got into a fight with his daughter over the amount of time she was spending on Facebook and other social media platforms, PattayaOne News reports.

The suspect not only took a knife to his own daughter's throat but also locked her in the rented house in Phetchaburi’s Muang district as she bled all over the floor.

The father then fled the house with his other three year old daughter.

According to local media reports, neighbours had heard the 13 year old’s screams and broke down the door to discover the girl still alive in a blood spattered room.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

The girl had a five inch slash gash on the left side of the neck and other bleeding bruises on her face.

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A manhunt was launched and the father was arrested at a checkpoint in Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Thap Sakae district with his youngest daughter.

Pic: PattayaOnePic: PattayaOne

After the news broke of the senseless attack, many had speculated whether the attack was a result of sexual abuse.

However the teen's 44-year-old mother said her husband simply did not like the girl spending a lot of time on social media, fearing it would cause her to neglect her school work.

She then dropped another bombshell by revealing that her husband had before now threatened to kill all the family members. She said his jealous and paranoid nature led him to beleive that she would return to her former lover. Her daughter is now recovering in hospital under close medical supervision.

According to the police, her husband has a criminal past, and is on police wanted list under a court-issued arrest warrant for a murder case in Trang’s Muang district almost ten years ago, in August 2007.

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