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Adam Johnson Says He Wished He Had Raped Underage Girl In Sick Prison Video

Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson has been caught on video saying he wished he had raped his victim to make his prison time worthwhile.

The grotesque comments appear to have been filmed by a fellow inmate.

Johnson, 29, is currently serving a six-year prison sentence after he was convicted of sexual activity with an underage girl.

In the video, obtained by the Sun, a fellow prisoner asks Johnson: ‘How long have you got, six years?

‘And you never even f***ed the bird? It’s not like you f***ing raped her or anything like that?’

To which Adam Johnson replied: ‘No, I wish I f***ing did for six years [in jail]’.

During his trial, Johnson insisted to jurors he was deeply ashamed of his actions, though in the footage shot in a laundry room at HMP Moorland Johnson describes his crimes – sexual activity with a child – as ‘f*** all’.

He later claims he was made an example of because of his fame.

In the disgusting clip, perverted Johnson is then seen making crude gestures about his underage victim, which we have decided not to show.

The former Sunderland and Manchester City winger was found guilty by a jury in March last year of one offence of sexual activity with a child. He was cleared of one charge relating to another sexual act.

Judge Jonathan Rose, when sentencing, said he was satisfied the girl suffered ‘severe psychological harm’ and that Johnson took advantage of ‘a young teenager’s adoration of a successful celebrity’.

- Metro UK