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Woman Gets Hair Caught In Subway Doors, Stays Stuck That Way For Six Stops

Pic: ShanghaiistPic: Shanghaiist

One woman experienced an even more uncomfortable than usual ride on the metro recently after the subway doors closed on her hair.

During rush hour on the Guangzhou Metro yesterday, the lady with places to be pushed her way into a crowded subway carriage, just managing to squeeze herself inside, save a few follicles

While you might think that this would be nothing more than a temporary inconvenience that would quickly be remedied at the next stop, the woman was horrified when the train came to a stop and the doors opened... on the other side.

Guangdong News reports that metro workers responded quickly to the situation and regrettably informed the woman that due to safety concerns they would not disrupt the normal operation of the city's subway by opening the doors. They suggested instead that she simply get a quick haircut.

However, the woman rejected this recommendation, deciding instead to remain where she was for six stops until the end of the line where the operator finally opened the door and granted her hair its freedom. To her credit, in the meantime, the woman remained calm and acted naturally.

Pic: ShanghaiistPic: Shanghaiist

The woman is fortunate that she got her hair caught in the door while entering the metro car, rather than exiting. Earlier this week, a video went viral on Chinese social media showing a man running along with a train at a Jiangsu railway station after somehow managing to get his finger stuck in the door.

- Shanghaiist