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LinkedIn Shares Top 2017 Companies Where People Around The World Want To Work And What They Are Really Looking For In A Job

Largest professional social networking site LinkedIn has revealed the top companies in United States, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India and the United Kingdom – and highlighted what employers around the world really want.

According to LinkedIn the companies on this list represent those that are most in-demand, those that have figured out how to attract top talent and then keep them.

Their team has analysed the billions of members to rank the winners, and found that in the U.S., tech dominates with Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, and Uber, clinching the top five spots. Apple? They were in the seventh place.

Meanwhile, in Australia, accounting firms PwC Australia, KPMG, as well as financial service Westpac Group make the top three. And in the UK, retail tops in the order of John Lewis Partnership, ASOS, and Arcadia Group.

LinkedIn states, through research they learnt that companies at the top pay attention to more work-life balance. For example, Flipkart, the number one company on the India list, allows employees to take a "career break" after two years of working for the company – where they can choose to do whatever they want with that given time.

They also found that companies who go out of their way to lure talent like Deloitte Australia (8th) allowing employees to re-join the firm, and LVMH (1st in France) that develop young talents in vocational schools, is a pull factor.

The service also noted that potential employers are attracted to companies that concentrate on closing the pay gap like Lion, (22 on the Australia list), that put a zero-gap policy so its female employees will not be paid any lesser than male peers.

And if increasing pay is not possible, companies with perks are always welcomed. LinkedIn highlighted that, “Employees of BMW Group, No. 11 in Germany, can drive to the chapel in style. The company allows employees their pick of vehicle to use on their wedding day, and the historical collection isn't off limits.”

But while pay and perks matter, job security is what matters more – so, most people would love to work with giants in the business, like Amazon, which is second on the U.S list, and has 341,000 number of employees – apart from of course, getting the bragging rights.

"This is all about brands. It's so emotional. People know these companies intimately," marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk told CNBC.

Amazon Amazon

“Telling someone, 'Hey, I work at Amazon or Facebook or Apple,' is a lot better at the neighborhood barbecue than mentioning you work at some unknown or irrelevant company. It's got a coolness factor that gives you a badge of honor in any social setting," he added.

In a way, working with bigger and well-known companies also means there is more potential growth for an employee.

But while employees can be picky, companies these days are also strategic in the hiring process and would prefer those who would be able to push their businesses to the limits, challenge themselves.

"The companies that show up really high on the list have set out to solve really big problems. It's amazing, how much people demand to be challenged," says LinkedIn's editor-in-chief, Dan Roth.