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Blind Man Who Caused Traffic Jam In Bangsar Apologises For Being Blind

KUALA LUMPUR: An elderly man caused quite a stir last week as he deliberately triggered a standstill in Bangsar for the sake of panhandling RM20.

The Star reported that the incident occurred last Wednesday afternoon as Khor Chai Wing, or better known as ‘Uncle Luke,’ stood in the middle of the street on Jalan Telawi 4 – resulting in motor vehicles slowing down and lining up in front of him.

“Thinking it was a language issue, I went up to him to help, but then I realised he wasn’t clueless.

“He knew exactly what he was doing and wouldn’t budge unless I gave him some money,” Matthew Ong wrote in a Facebook post, as quoted in The Star.

Despite Ong offering Uncle Luke RM1, he adamantly stood his ground and demanded for RM10 or RM20 before an aggravated driver gave Ong RM10 to be given to Uncle Luke.

Fortunately as per the video uploaded by KDTV 6 News, the traffic slowly dispersed as Uncle Luke walked towards the side of the road.

But Uncle Luke was on the media’s radar again, as he expressed a string of apologies following last week’s commotion.

“I’m sorry for four things: number one, for standing in the middle of the road; number two, I’m sorry for being born 100% blind; number three, I’m sorry for being partially deaf; and number four, I’m sorry for being mentally challenged,” Uncle Luke said to The Star.

The 63-year-old man also shared that he is diagnosed with mental illness, aside from having a foul temper to a point he has been guilty of hitting people who refused to purchase his various products such as magazines, stickers and lottery tickets.

But the poor man confessed that he meant neither harm nor malice, as he merely acted out in frustration.

“I also assaulted some of them by pulling their shirts for refusing to buy from me. I got angry [that] I couldn’t sell anything – I was angry because sales were not good that time,” he recounted.

“That's my way of doing it. If it's wrong, then you all have to tell me,” he urged whilst referring to the incident that transpired last week and apologised for his wrongdoings.

The Star highlighted that Uncle Luke is seeking aid and shelter with ‘OKUnetwork,’ after his inconsistent stays at mental institutions back in 1970s.

“I will try my best not to do this kind of thing again. I will try to control my temper when I’m out doing sales,” he promises and assured that he will do his best to turn over a new leaf.

We take our hats off to Uncle Luke for his noble act of admitting his wrongdoings with an apology. While some of us find it difficult to own up to our mistakes, perhaps this will serve as a wake-up call that admitting mistakes and wanting to improve should be commendable.

- Malaysian Digest