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These Adorable Siblings Whose Roots Go Back To Jerantut, Pahang Will Be The Face Of A Norwegian Clothing Line

Time for Malaysia’s Next Top Model to open auditions again as these adorable little children seem to be showing potential!

Their roots go all the way back to the lovely town of Jerantut in Pahang, Maia Sofie Maimunah Oestreich and Adinda Freyja Zainab Oestreich, but these adorable siblings were recently offered modelling roles for a Norwegian children's clothing line.

As reported, these two sister, aged 6 and 2, are a mixed blood of Malay and Norwegian. Their eccentric bloodline puts a spotlight on their unique features.

Maia Sofie and Adinda Freyja had been approached by the brand Nøstebarn which creates and sells clothes in untreated wool and in wool or silk mix.

Their mother, Ardiana Abdul Azam,34, said Munah enjoys listening to classical music and Suriram can converse in both English and Malay language.

“As of now, only Munah is fluent in Malay. Yes, she sounds a little off sometimes but that is something normal,” she said.

Ardiana and her family currently resides in Bergen, Norway and it has been eight years already. Notably, she names her daughters with a hint of Malay essence in respect to both their grandmothers.

According to their mother who was interviewed by mStar, the girls cried when she teased them by calling them 'Mat Salleh'.

The mother also shared her two girls absolutely cute attempt at singing the Malay classic 'Suriram' even though they are not fluent in the Malay language yet but she takes every opportunity presented to expose them to their Malaysian heritage in enjoyable ways that they can relate and learn.