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A Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Reunion That Brought Many To Tears

After two years of absence from each other’s life, we cannot begin to imagine what this mother and daughter must have felt when being reunited once again.

The emotion-filled surprise had of course led Azizah Husin, 58, to shed a bucket full of tears of joy when her daughter, Hafizah Che Ahmad, 24, who is studying in International Medical University in Bangalore, India, stood right before her eyes.

Their surprise meet was set up by Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) in regards to their ‘Riuhkan Raya’ campaign.

Earlier on, Azizah, a mother- of-ten, was taken to Pelangi Textile, a huge clothing store in Guchil to buy new clothes, where Hafizah was disguised as a worker, giving the mother the shock of her life.

Knowing that her seventh child has not been financially stable to afford a trip back home to celebrate Aidilfitri, Azizah did not expect her daughter to be standing in front of her.

“I was completely shocked. I did not expect BSN to sponsor her trip back home. Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful.

“Thank you so much BSN because finally I am able to see and hug Hafizah. Her return is the most precious gift for us as a family during Aidilfitri,” Azizah said.

Hafizah is a brilliant student and she is one of the three selected winners who was fortunately chosen to return home with a fully sponsored flight by BSN.

She relayed that her last return home was back in 2015 when her father passed away due to a heart disease.

She had submitted her application and found out about her winnings last May, and did not disclose this information to anyone except her younger sibling so that they can secretly surprise their mother.

Hafizah’s return home will last for two whole weeks and she will return to India on July 2.

Meanwhile, Kelantan BSN Business Director Komarudin Mustapha said the ‘Riuhkan Raya’ BSN campaign was organised in conjunction with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns held previously, aimed to strengthen family ties.

This is however their first time flying students studying overseas home, to celebrate Aidilfitri, with two other students flown from Japan and Egypt.

“BSN had sponsored her return through partnership with various agencies including MARA to recognise those who are excellent in their studies and have not return to their hometowns in a while.

“The surprise today (yesterday) is the third and final one for this year. The first time was won by a Kota Bharu student who was studying in Japan, while the second student is from Langkawi who is studying in Egypt,” Komarudin explained.

Well done BSN for uniting families especially during this festive season – because family means everything.