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Neymar Gets Starstruck After Surprise Face Time Call From Jackie Chan

Despite being one of the biggest sporting icons in the world, Neymar is not immune from being starstruck.

The Barcelona forward made time to travel to China for a promotional tour, which was thought to have been cancelled due to 'transfer issues' as he is continuously linked to join Ligue 1 giants PSG in a world-record €222 million deal.

The trip was fortuitous on his part as he met with Hong Kong actor and singer, Jaycee Chan, who is also the son of martial arts legend Jackie Chan.

As Jaycee shared his selfie with Neymar on Instagram, he replied to Neymar's request to pass on a hug to his father.

“I’ll send him a big warm hug for you. Nice meeting you!” Jaycee wrote on his Instagram post.


I’ll send him a big warm hug for you Nice Meeting you! @neymarjr

A post shared by Jaycee (@jaycee_chan) on Jul 31, 2017 at 8:00am PDT

Probably not satisfied with just sending a hug on behalf of Neymar, Jaycee apparently called his father on FaceTime for Neymar to have a chat.

Utterly unable to express his delight in being able to talk to Jackie Chan, Neymar posted a screenshot of the video call with a caption that included some profanity to tell people how excited he was, but he apologised to everyone and Jackie Chan for using such terms.

So, the next time someone gives you judgey eyes for being starstruck, tell them that even Neymar has his moments.