What Are The Headlines Today?

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The English Dailies today headlined news of a brand new screening system employed by the Customs Department, calls from the Prime Minister for civil servants to show more empathy to the public while working, the Immigration Department's new biometric fingerprint indentification system to combat identity fraud and the arrest of two former head honchos of Felda Investment Corporation, Zaid Abdul Jalil and Mohd Zahid Md Arip.

Customs Implements Airtight Screening - New Straits Times reports that the Customs Department now has an almost airtight system to prevent leaks and corruptions in the department. Some of the steps to be taken will be surprise rostering/rotations at ports and entry point, periodic ground auditing, and integrity testing for old and new recruits alike.

Serve With Great Empathy - Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called for all civil servants to show greater empathy to the public. He sees the launch of Genovasi, Malaysia's first design thinking university college as the gateway to greater empathy in public service, according to Malay Mail.

No Escape - The Sun reports that the Immigration Department has launched a new biometric fingerprint identification system to be used by foreign workers. This is a move to prevent identification fraud by foreign workers, who used substitutes for their medical check-up.

FIC Big Fish In MACC Net - The Star reported that two former high ranking officers of Felda Investment Corporation has been nabbed by the authorities over the overpriced purchases of hotels in London and Kuching. The arrests comes with a warning from MACC that more arrests will follow regarding the matter, The Star reported.

Meanwhile, the Malay dailies today frontpaged the news of 1MDB's failure to settle their RM 2.58 Billion debt to IPIC, the arrest of the special aide to the former chairman of Felda, fake drugs that is claimed to be able to cure blindness circulating in the market and an expose to the illegal bauxite mining operations by some developers.

Gagal Bayar RM 2.58B (Failure To Pay RM 2.58B) - Sinar Harian frontpaged the news that 1MDB has failed to settle their debts of RM 2.58B to IPIC. The debt was supposed to be paid by 31 July, but 1MDB has announced that is awaiting the release of funds due to regulatory delays in order to pay IPIC by August.

Pegawai Khas Bekas Pengerusi Felda Direman (Special Officer To The Former Chairman of Felda Remanded) - Kosmo! reported that Muhammad 51-years-old Zahid Md Arip, has been remanded for 5 days to help with investigations into the purchase of Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites in Kuching at an overblown price by the Felda Investment Corporation in 2014.

Gula-Gula Dusta (Sweets Marketed With False Medical Claims ) - Harian Metro reports on the spread of fake eye medicines that comes with unbelievable testimonies and promises, such as being able to cure blindness after chewing the medicine.

Pelombong Tak Peduli Arahan (Miners Not Listening To Orders) - After more than a year of sanctions and warnings against bauxite mining being put in place, some developers are still continuing their illegal bauxite mining activities, reported Berita Harian.

FIC Makin Panas (It's Getting Hot At FIC) - The arrests of Muhammad Zahid Md. Arip and Mohd Zaid Abdul Jalil is the latest development in the Felda Investment Corporation financial scandal over the purchase of hotels in Kuching and London, as the ongoing investigations by MACC promises to unearth all past incidences of mismanagement and corruption, Utusan Malaysia reports.

The vernacular dailies headlined news of 1MDB's missed payment deadline to the IPIC and the new Employment Insurance System which looks to better protect local workers.

RM 2.58 Billion Not Paid - China Press reported that 1MDB has failed to meet their deadline to pay the RM2.58 billion that they owe to the IPIC. The debt was supposed to be settled last Monday, on 31 July.

New Insurance Scheme For Employees - Sin Chew Daily reported that the new Employment Insurance Scheme which was tabled for the first reading in the Dewan Rakyat by Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem seeks to better protect around 6.5 million local workers. The new scheme will be implemented on 1 January in 2018, and the scheme will get both employees and employers to each pay half of the contributions towards unemployment benefits, whereby those who have lost their source of income will be provided with unemployment benefits for three to six months.