After His Daughter’s Divorce, Chef Wan Gets Lyrical With “I Am Janda” To Cheer Her Up

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Generally accepted, if you do not know who is Chef Wan, then you must not be Malaysian enough. With his entertaining cooking shows filled with humourous anecdotes and witty comebacks, this legendary celebrity chef always leaves fans and viewers in a good mood.

And even now, in the midst of his family undergoing a stressful episode, he still manages to look at life positively.

Recently reported in local medias, Chef Wan’s daughter, Serina Redzuawan, had just gone through a divorce with her ex-husband Salahuddin Ghaffar aka Gavin Edward O’Luanaigh.

However, instead of showing any signs of disheartenment, Chef Wan chose to rejoice and express his gratefulness towards the situation as his one and only daughter is finally free from the wraths of the Irish man!

Through one of his postings on his Instagram, the celebrity chef shared his take of the recent unfortunate turn of events for his daughter.

Inspired by the sensational “I Am Me’ song made viral by cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Vida of Qu Puteh fame, Chef Wan had also shared a verse of the lyrics to his followers on Instagram.

I am Janda! I am Duda and we are free!
Come to me! come to me!
Sayang2 belum kita nak cali Laki or Bini!


Kisah anak dan bapak melalui all this shit in this world that others dont know the true person that we both are and must judge us? If only i can raise 1 finger up u know me i would have done just that kannnnn...kasikan cukup2! Kita bukan jenis manusia yg buat jahat pada org lain pun dan jika kita tegur apa2 issue pun sememang nya itu perkara yg betul dan tak mau menjadi ikutan masyarakat serta anak2 muda di masa hadapan. Itu pun sebab kita sudah jauh berjalan, luas pandangan kita serta banyak yg kita dah rasa mau pun pergaulan kita yg luas dari org2 atasan sampai pun bawahan itu. Jika perbuatan kita tu tak betul tak betul la.

A post shared by chef wan (@chefwan58) on Jul 31, 2017 at 6:59pm PDT


Come rain or shine..Duda atau Janda family always stick together to protect each other. As a father that is always my duty to fight justice for my daughter. If u dont know how to value your wife and her contribution then she will not be a fool to stay in the marriage. Have some dignity in yourself to walk away and not let those bastard abused or used u in anyway! Life is not about one way ticket and it only work one way in any marriage for that matter! Only fools and arrogant human beings do that! As parent or in laws we should not step back and be a coward not to protect our own children if u discovered something is not right. Just be fair to both parties as esok di akhirat nanti Allah juga akan menuntut balik dosa2 kita yg jahat meruntuh kan masjid anak2 kita. Jangan esok kita kesal tak sudah. Tapi jika perkara benar yg berlaku then one should stand on the truth!

A post shared by chef wan (@chefwan58) on Jul 31, 2017 at 7:06pm PDT


I am Janda! I am Duda and we are free! Come to me! come to me! Sayang2 belum kita nak cali Laki or Bini!

Serina, 34, filed the divorce application under Section 47 of the Selangor Islamic Family Law Enactment 2003 through syarie lawyer, Zulkifli Che Yong.

Through the union consumated in 2010, the couple were blessed with two children, Tristan Tareef, 7, and Isabella Saffiya, 5. 

Pic: InstagramPic: Instagram

Earlier media reports had revealed that Serina had awarded full custody of the children to her husband in exchange for his agreement to the divorce to which the children's famous grandfather had voiced his objection.

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Prior to this, despite his daughter's pleas to keep her family matters out of the limelight, Chef Wan had been vocal in his criticism of her ex-husband. Since earlier this year, he had taken to social media to lambast Gavin over his actions, including his refusal to be present at the Syariah court for his divorce proceedings.

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We at Malaysian Digest hopes the best for Serina and may this new chapter she’s about to embark on be filled with nothing but happiness.