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Michelle Yeoh’s Response To Millions Upset Over Her Character In Star Trek: Discovery (Spoiler Alert!)

It seems like the hype over Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s appearance in the latest 'Star Trek: Discovery' has literally been killed after its two-part premiere on Sunday, especially for Trekkies all over the world.

Michelle, who plays Captain Philippa Georgiou, one of the two coloured leaders in the series however, met her demise in the second episode.

Georgiou is killed in hand-to-hand combat with Klingon leader T’Kuvma, before her protégé Commander Michael Burnham blows a hole through T’Kuvma’s chest with her phaser, in retaliation after seeing her mentor die before her eyes.

Earlier, Michelle was raving how she was happy to keep her Malaysian accent in her character to Elle, “I wanted to make her universal in the sense that you couldn’t place her. She doesn’t have that American twang or upper-class English accent. I wanted to show that in the future we would be so united, [intermingled, and well-travelled] that you don’t end up with one very distinct accent.”

“Captain Georgiou is a veteran. She’s seen war, but she has great hope and humanity and compassion. She’s an explorer who looks at the stars and looks forward to seeing new systems and universes being created. At the same time she believes that we have an opportunity to be united as we wander through this amazing galaxy,” she said, proudly describing her character.

According to Variety, roughly 9.6 million viewers tuned in to the premiere, via the CBS: All Access streaming service. However, many expressed their disappointment over Michelle’s on-screen character’s killing and refused to accept her fate.

Although the USS Shenzou Captain is dead, Michelle promises viewers, "You will be constantly feeling Capt. Georgiou around all the time. You have to be patient. Things will reveal themselves," she told CNN.

And as Burnham faces her sentence to life in prison, Michelle also reveals that "the next few episodes are going to be tough."

"Flashbacks are important because the memories that we have are what make us what we are. So it's important for the audience to discover [Burnham's] history and the significance behind every step [she] takes, the choices she's made that dramatically change her life," she adds.

Executive producer, Gretchen J. Berg meanwhile told Hollywood Reporter, Burnham will carry memories of Georgiou with her “every single step of the way through the series”.

“Going back to the idea of Georgiou alone, and casting somebody like Michelle Yeoh, we needed to make sure we had a character and an actress that, even if you don't see her physically on the screen, you're going to feel her absence because she leaves that kind of impact on Burnham's life and on the audience's life,” he said.

While co-producer Aaron Harberts says it is the start to the discovery of Burnham’s story and who she is as a human being.

“To watch her fall allows us to then have the audience invest in how she's going to rebuild herself. And does she really want to rebuild herself in the same image as the person who came before?,” that we will find out in the coming episodes.

Michelle herself notes, many "twists and turns" are yet to come. 

On a side note, for those who are just joining in the Trekkie party, look out for the cameo appearance of our traditional shadow puppet, 'wayang kulit', which makes its debut with Michelle as well.