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Will You Pay RM480 For Less Than 1Kg Of White Rice? What Makes This Rice So Pricey

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It has the honour of being named the world's most expensive rice and it hails from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Called Kinmemai Premium, the Japanese blend was launched last year but the current buzz is over its impending launch outside Japan, with Singapore having been chosen for the first venue outside Japan to have access to the high quality rice.

The rice was listed in last year’s Guinness World Records as the most expensive rice in the world at US$109 per kilogram.

For this gourmet rice, the ordinary clear plastic bag simply would not cut it and the premium rice comes in a luxurious minimalist black box which opens to reveal six beautifully presented sachets.

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How about presenting rice as an alternative housewarming gift set next time?

What would justify paying such astronomical prices for well, rice?

According to Toyo Rice Corporation, Kinmemai Premium contains five types of award-winning grains sourced from rice producers in different prefectures in Japan, such as Gunma, Gifu, Kumamoto, Nagana and Niigata, Yahoo! Singapore reports.

The grains themselves grains cost eight times the usual prices and are specially ordered from producers, then aged for half a year at a warehouse in Wakayama.

Even the processing uses a special technique that preseves the benefits of the rice germ.

All these elaborate production process takes more than half a year to prepare the rice, which is not suited for mass production as it produces a “very limited amounts” that is not available for bulk purchases commercially.

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In fact, the careful processing also means you don't have to rinse the grains before cooking, instead the instuctions on the website recommend you soak it for 30 minutes for optimal flavor.

Before the Singapore launch this November, the rice is now only available for order from their website.

After Singapore, don't hope for it to retail in Malaysia as the company plans to bring its Kinmemai Premium rice range to Hong Kong and the US next.

If you thought the brand name sounds familiar, there are more affordable Kinmemai range in local Japanese stores, namely the Better White or Better Brown ($9.80) varieties in supermarkets which retails for between RM29 to RM30.

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