LAST_UPDATEFri, 20 Jul 2018 10pm

Thief Breaks Into Restaurant, Cooks Himself A Meal Then Steals RM420 From Cash Register

A man who broke into a Long Island, New York restaurant had the courtesy of cleaning up after himself and even leaving a tip after he cooked himself a meal in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Employees of Nelly’s Taqueria in Hicksville only realised that the restaurant was broken into after they saw the damage done to the cash register when they opened Tuesday morning as the restaurant was left spotless, CBS New York reports.

The crime committed by the thief was caught on surveillance, which showed him coming into the restaurant through a window and took $100 (RM420) from the cash register.

But instead of taking off, the thief then made his way into the kitchen and cooked up a storm.

“He cooked up a nice wonderful dish of rice, frijoles, shrimp and chicken.

“And then cleaned up after himself,” the restaurant’s manager, Mike, reportedly said.

Mike also noted how the man knows about food safety rules as the first thing he did was put on gloves and then changed them frequently, and how he had “sifted the pot like a pro.”

After his feast, the thief washed the pot, returned it to the rack, scrubbed down the stove and even collected crumbs from the floor.

He must have been pleased with his meal since he even left $1 (RM4.20) in the tip jar!

“This is stranger than fiction,” Mike said. “Anybody who typically breaks in and enters — they’re in a rush to get in and out fast and not get caught. This person was happy to be here.”

Despite the bizarre situation, Mike said that he would hire the thief if he wasn’t breaking in because he was so good in the kitchen.

However, Mike said that he does not believe that the crime was committed by a former employee and they had forwarded the surveillance footage to the police for justice to be served.