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Girl Creates Instagram To Teach Her Catcallers A Lesson

Living in a digital age has inspired a 20-year-old student hailing from Amsterdam to create an ingenious method to stand up against harassment, as she takes selfies with every of her catcallers and uploads it on Instagram.

According to BBC, Noa Jansma created an Instagram account (@DearCatcallers) for her month-long project – documenting each incident she was catcalled and the best part of all, these men are oblivious of her intention as she clicks away.

“I just never knew what to do if someone catcalled me. If I went against it, the situation just escalated, and it would give me a real fright,” Noa shared with Newsbeat, as reported by BBC.



#dearcatcallers ... after following me for straight 10 minutes "sexy girl Where you goin'?? Can I come with you ?" ...

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The dutch-native also emphasised how it is an unfortunate reality that the male population are not aware of what the female population has to put up with.

“I found this so weird that for half of humanity this is a daily life issue, while for the other half, they don't even know this.

“So that's how I came up with the idea – to just show it actually.”




"Ey sexy Chiquita! A donde vas sola?/Ey sexygirl, Where are you going alone?" #dearcatcallers

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Her project eventually captured the attention of many as within just a period of one month and 30 posts, the 20-year-old managed to accumulate over 45,000 followers.

The Independent also highlighted that a theme exists for the photos as each of the photo depicts a straight-faced Noa not amused with how uncomfortable the grinning men had made her feel.

“This Instagram has the aim to create awareness about the objectification of women in daily life,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Since many people still don’t know how often and in whatever context ‘catcalling’ happens, I’ll be showing my catcallers within the period of one month.”




"Hey beautiful, Why are you sad?" ~"I'm not sad" ~"Why don't you smile at me then? You're too sweet to be sad" #dearcatcallers

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"Wohoo look! *laughing and loud whistling* " #dearcatcallers

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But as her inspiring project came to an end, Noa expressed her intention to pass the Instagram account to other girls from all corners as the world as part of her endeavour to create awareness on the global phenomenon.

However, it looks like catcalling may be put to an end in Netherlands as street harassment will be punishable by €190 (RM940) effective January 1, 2018.




A post shared by dearcatcallers (@dearcatcallers) on Sep 30, 2017 at 9:49am PDT


While Noa shared with The Independent that the law will be challenging to be enforced, she does find it to be “symbolic” and welcomes the regulation.

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