LAST_UPDATEFri, 20 Jul 2018 4pm

How One Housewife Went From Zero Income To Earning RM3,000 A Month

Who would’ve thought, from not having any income, this housewife now earns a lucrative monthly salary by selling an online skin care and beauty product she used herself over a year ago.

Although she was initially unsure of venturing into business, Maizatul Syarina Syafie, 36, was determined to increase her family’s income, for the sake of her husband and her three young children.

"Frankly speaking, I have zero business knowledge but when seeing how many housewives have succeeded in online businesses daily, it made me want to do the same.

“Coincidentally at the time, I was using a local skin care and beauty product that proved to be effective, which made realise that it could be a blessing in disguise,” she told MalaysiaGazette.

The mother of three also said that since January, she became the dropship agent for the brand Meeracle Gemstone Beauty that she used and was shocked to earn nearly RM3,000.

"Looking at the huge revenue potential and not to mention that there are stockists whose sales could reach up to RM70,000 a month, I continued to strive to be a better agent to double my sales profits.

"I am confident with this product as it works with almost all the first-timers, which is why my followers and clients on my Instagram account has increased, and since June, I, myself, have become a stockist.

"My success is also attributed to the heads and other agents who share the same experiences, gave me motivation and support in meeting the challenges as an online entrepreneur," the humble Maizatul shared.

She added how she is very thankful that besides being able to maintain her beauty and appearance, her business has generated a steady income which has helped improve her family’s finances.

"I’m proud to say I have proven that it is not impossible for a full-time housewife to generate a lucrative income so long as she knows how to use the opportunities available in front of her," the successful online entrepreneur declared.