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High And Naked, Former Model And Actress Arrested In Bachok, Kelantan For Drug Abuse

Naked and under the influence of drugs, a woman who was apparently said to have been a part-time model and actor was arrested by a National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) Bachok at her family's home in Kampung Gunong, Kelantan.

The 32-year-old widow was believed to still be ‘high’ and in a state of undress after taking the recreational drug methamphetamine, known by its street name 'pil kuda'.
AADK Bachok Chief of Staff, Rusdi Yusof said the woman who had worked as a model and actress claimed to have been consuming drugs since the age of 18.

"She admitted that she was under a lot influence with syabu when she was in Kuala Lumpur but she then could not afford to buy it anymore as she began to be addicted to meth," he said after arresting 30 other suspected drug addicts in a special operation at Kampung Gunung, Beris Kubur Besar and Tawang, Sinar Harian reports.

All suspects aged between 16 and 46-years-old were charged at different locations during the house-to-house raids had involved individuals who were under police surveillance which were identified but refused to follow police directives to turn themselves in to the authorities.

According to the officer, the operation was conducted at 6pm the previous night and had ended at 8am yesterday. It had successfully detected 20 drug addicts who test positive for pil kuda and morphine after the urine test screening was conducted.

In addition, Rusdi said, in the same operation whereby a 46-year-old 'drug pusher was also caught in Kampung Padang Bual, Beris.

The suspect, who has been under the police officer’s surveillance for years, was carrying out his illegal activities around the area.

"The suspect was even willing to sell half of the pil kuda for RM5 to meet the needs of the less financially endowed addicts. We held the man with several other addicts who are getting rid of their addiction and have seized the supply of pills and morphine at the location," he said.