LAST_UPDATEFri, 20 Jul 2018 4pm

Can You Believe It? This Durian Cost RM5,790 And Netizens Wants Some Of It

As Malaysians, we take our durians seriously. We either hate it or love it; no in between feelings allowed with this king of all fruits.

However, this customer must really love his durians as the individual appears to have spend more than RM2,000 for these fruits! That’s a whole new Macbook Air for some.

Malaysia is blessed with two kinds of luxurious durians which are Musang King and Raja Kunyit. And in this writer’s personal opinion, Musang King is by far God’s greatest gift. She has yet to try Raja Kunyit and has very high expectations for it.

But what got netizens excited about this man’s purchase is because on the receipt itself, it says one Raja Kunyit costs RM5,790 which can’t possibly be true! Perhaps 100kg?

Based on MyNewsHub’s investigation, after trying to contact the owner of this receipt, no further details have yet been forthcoming to shed more light on this wildly expensive durian splurge.

So what do you think? Can this glorious Raja Kunyit cost more than RM5k and would you buy it? This writer, on the other hand, just might.