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Looks Like Singapore Is Also Saving The USA And Making America Great Again


Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced that he expects to witness Singapore Airlines (SIA) sign an agreement to buy 39 Boeing aircrafts worth US$13.8 billion when he visits the United States next week.

The Singaporean prime minister will be visiting Washington, DC from 22 to 26 October at the invitation of US President Donald Trump and is scheduled to meet Trump on 23 October at the White House.

If the news sounds familiar, it is because our prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had also inked a deal to buy Boeing aircrafts in his visit to the US last month.

Pic: Nikkei Asia ReviewPic: Nikkei Asia Review

"We are committed to 25 planes of the 737 Max-10, plus eight 787 Dreamliners and there is a strong probability, not possibility" of the purchase of an additional 25 737 Max-10 jets.

"We will also try to convince Air Asia to purchase GE engines," Najib told US President Donald Trump during the televised meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington during his visit in September.

Political analyst Lim Sian See (LSS) drew comparisons between the two agreements in a recent Facebook posting to point out how Najib's move to purchase over US$10 billion worth of US-made aircrafts was criticised by Opposition parties as an attempt to buy US influence for personal motives.

Yet, Prime Minister Lee's similar move is reported by international media as a business venture to keep Singapore's national carrier competitive.

“I think that's a done deal,” Lee remarked in the CNBC television interview and as later confirmed by SIA in financial news reports that Lee will witness the signing of the agreement involving 39 new Boeing aircraft.

"SIA said it would order 20 777-9 and 19 787-10 widebodies (just like MAS) as part of plans to modernize its fleet over the next decade.

"Looks like Singapore is also saving the USA and Making America Great again.

"People like Nurul, Mahathir, Rafizi and the Tokong will probably be put in jail if they were Singaporean politicians criticizing why their PM is making America great again," LSS points out the fact that this is despite SIA announcing its first quarterly loss in five financial years back in June, citing a Fortune magazine report.

In fact, the Singaporean government supports SIA's move to spend the estimated US$13.8 billion on the new Boeing aircrafts.

"In the airlines world, you either buy Airbus from Europe or Boeing from the USA. Most airlines run both brands. Buying from Boeing is not about making America great again but a necessary part of running an airlines.

"I am sure MAS would be more than happy to buy from the commercial jet manufacturers in Pandan, Permatang Pauh, Kajang or Lembah Pantai if they can offer better-equipped commercial jets with better quality better fuel economy and lower pricing than Boeing instead," LSS said.

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