[Video] 22-Year-Old ISIS Fighter Who Never Harmed Anyone Says His Normal Routine Was Playing PlayStation, Relaxing And Hiding

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It is no secret how Islamic State (ISIS) is slowly crumbling after losing its stronghold Raqqa, as well as its so-called jihadi fighters fleeing one by one.

And while the recent New York City truck attack was perhaps another desperate move to create fear and prove that its followers are still pledging allegiance to the dying terror organisation, a captured ISIS fighter who fought in Syria has revealed life as a fighter was not always about brutal killings as portrayed by the group’s media.

22-year-old British ISIS fighter Shabazz Suleman, who was captured by the Syrian army and is now in the Free Syrian Army jail on the Turkish border, claims “I’m no terrorist” despite receiving weapons training and being in the frontline of the terror group.

He also claimed he did not flee for the beheadings or killings but rather to defend the Syrians from Assad’s regime.

“Honestly I came here for that first, but ISIS changed. Four or five months into ISIS I wanted to leave.

“I did not kill anyone, I hope I did not oppress anyone. I did have a Kalashnikov and a military uniform but I did not hit anyone,” he told Sky News.

Suleman left for Syria in 2015 after disappearing from a family trip in Turkey, and Sky News reports him confessing he had made a "naive" mistake by joining ISIS, that it was “peer pressure”, and now hopes he could return to the UK after three years.

Stating his case that he was far from a terrorist, Suleman revealed his job was office-bound and most of the times he was just relaxing and hiding in Raqqa with Syrian civilians, being in the Military Police – a part of the IS structure aimed at keeping order amongst the civilians.

"I was relaxing, hiding in Raqqa quietly, playing PlayStation or going around on bike rides - normal life in ISIS territory trying to evade ISIS checkpoints," he confessed though the killings did happen in front of his eyes.

And when he was not playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or Metal Gear Solid on a PlayStation he recounted seeing dead bodies that were being crucified and hung in the city centre while riding his bike.

Now, he gratefully regrets his decision and hopes to be able to continue his life in the UK, but only if he will be sentenced to prison instead of being prosecuted.

“If I get a long sentence, I don't want to go back to Britain. If it's short, I'd do the prison sentence then go out and live my life…get a job or continue my studies in politics or whatever,” he added.

Although damage has been done, Suleman said that he is most sorry for causing his family in Buckinghamshire such worry.

He also stated that many ISIS fighters share his plight and that they are “not what you perceive them to be”, and hopes to one day write a book about life in ISIS.