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This 12-Year-Old KL Schoolboy Just Beat 200,000 Competitors In An Int'l Spelling Bee Contest

Pic: QoocoPic: Qooco

Balance between academic achievement and extracurricular activities have always been expounded to students so that they would be well-rounded individuals and it seems like 12-year-old Aariz Salimee Ilham Salimee have mastered this balancing act to a T following his outing at a regional spelling bee.

At the Qooco Asia Spelling Cup 2017, Aariz beat 200,000 other students from Indonesia, Thailand, China and Malaysia to reach the top 56 of the competition and subsequently bagging the third spot.

This was the fourth spelling bee competition he took part in since 2015 and he shared how he prepared himself for these competitions.

“I love to read and I make it a point to read a book every night so that I can discover new words. That is how I improve myself for competitions.

“Sometimes I even browse through the dictionary to learn how to spell new words along with the meaning,” the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Bintang Utara pupil told MalayMail while adding that his favourite series of books is Harry Potter.

Apart from reading, he is also proficient in mathematics and robotics, and also enjoys various activities such as choral speaking, chess, taekwondo, table tennis, tennis and golf.

And while many would be content to just be participants in extracurricular activities, Aariz has competed at school level in most of them, and up to state level in chess and taekwondo.

He event took part in the Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad Competition and National Robotics Competition in 2015 and 2016.

Although it looks like Aariz has everything figured out and is making the most of it, he confided that he is not in a rush to decide what he wants to do in the future.

“I have yet to think what my future ambition is but I am set to continue my secondary school in the science stream. I hope to enrol in a good boarding school here in Malaysia.

“I am grateful that I have such supportive parents, teachers and friends who keep cheering me on,” he said.