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"Adidas Kampung", The Amazing Malaysian-Made Shoe You Can Buy For Under RM12

Ask any veteran Malaysian hiker, what are their go-to shoes for hiking? Chances are they won't name any fancy international brands or any expensive state-of-the-art shoes, but instead they will recommend the good old trusty "Adidas Kampung" shoes.

For those who have never heard of an "Adidas Kampung" before, it is a wholly Malaysian-made shoe that is moulded out of one piece of locally produced rubber polymer.

The shoes are dubbed the "Adidas Kampung" due to the thick lugs on the soles of some of the shoes, that made it look like an Adidas football cleats.

Any Malaysian hiker worth their salt will swear by the greatness of the "Adidas Kampung", with some even calling it the perfect Malaysian hiking shoe, due to the traits that make it ideal for local terrain.

First is that due to the one-piece nature of the shoe, there are no seams and stitches at all on the shoes, making it very durable and hard to break down.

The shoes are also water-repellant due to the rubber material, which means that it is perfect for crossing rivers or navigating a slippery slope, as the shoes also provides great grip.

And the best part is the cost of the shoes. Believe it or not, a pair of "Adidas Kampung" costs just RM 6- RM 12, making it extremely affordable.

Nowadays, the shoes are also enjoying a reinassance of sorts, due to the recent floods and the current monsoon season.

According to Shoe seller Lim Poh Cheoh, 62, said she sold about 80 pairs last month.

“We have been producing them for 20 years and usually 30 or 40 pairs are sold a month.

“Many flood cleanup volunteers just throw them away after wearing them,” she told The Star at her shop in Noordin Street, George Town.

A shoe wholesaler, Lee Kah Ping also revealed that orders went up by a whopping 30% after the Penang floods.

“We usually order about 3,000 pairs a month from the factory in Ipoh.

“Lately, we had to order 1,000 more pairs to cope with demand,” he said.

In case you want a pair of Adidas kampung yourself, the shoes are almost readily available in any hardware and sundry shops around the country.

So go out there and get yourself a pair!