Hit By Truck And Dragged For Metres, See What Happens To This Woman Biker In Shocking Viral Video

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A frightening video of a biker's miraculous escape after a collision with a truck has been captured on camera. The clip shows her being dragged for few meters before the truck stops. What makes the clip even more shocking is how quickly the woman gets right back up on her feet.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Facebook, the clip is just 35 seconds long but feels much longer. It may even take more than one watch to figure out exactly what happened. The biker and the truck collide when one tries to take over the other. It seems the truck driver doesn't even notice the biker or dragging her along the road until a few seemingly very long seconds. That she gets up almost unhurt is quite a miracle.

Since being posted on December 4, the video has collected over 300K views, some 5,500 reactions and more than 2,100 shares.

"She was so lucky, but what amazed me is just how far he pushed her while under the truck, then stopped but didn't backup or get out to see what he hit. Absolutely no concern," says one Facebook user on the video. "I believes she is at the blind spot of the lorry while the lorry is turning right just bad timing that's how accident happened," says another.