LAST_UPDATEMon, 21 May 2018 7pm

This Doctor Could Not Keep Her Eyes Off Her Mahjong Game While Operating A CT Scan

A radiologist in China was suspended after she was found playing mahjong on her device while operating a computed tomography (CT) scan machine at the same time.

In a video uploaded to Youku, Dr Liu Chunxia can be seen multitasking between checking up on the CT scan on her computer monitor and playing mahjong on her mobile device.

At one point, she even spoke through a microphone to tell the patient to keep the hands in the air, without taking her eyes off the device’s screen.

The incident happened in Wuchang People’s Hospital in Heilongjiang Province on December 10.

Because a CT scan operator should always keep their attention on the machine to observe whether the radiation exposure on the patient’s body is within safe limits, as a consequence of her misconduct, Dr Liu has been suspended for a year from the hospital.

-- mD