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A Single Mother Decided To Start Selling RM1 Nasi Ayam And This Is What Happened After 2 Weeks

A single mother in Sungai Petani did not expect her intention to sell her roasted chicken rice at RM1 price to go viral on social media which led to huge crowds flooding her stall!

Surayan Mohd Nasir, 39, said she had started the business two weeks ago in front of the Pekan Bedong public field in Sungai Petani, from 10am to 5pm.

According to her, due to overwhelming demand, every day she will provide 100 kilograms of rice to cook and 100 chickens to roast to meet customers’ demand.

“My experience as a single mother had taught me to save money and to help others buy food at cheaper prices so that some of them can overcome the rising cost of living.

"Although it's worth RM1, but the quality of food and hygiene remains a priority and my concept is simple, even if it gets a little profit, as long as it is viable and blessed with continuity to support me in raising my children, I will persevere," she said to Harian Metro.

Surayani said that her customers come from various backgrounds and she uses the same recipe invented by her grandfather since 1992 when he started selling nasi ayam at a nearby night market.

"In conjunction with the new year, I wanted to try something new and it took me a period of two weeks to try and attempt to start selling the roasted chicken rice this year," she said.

We at Malaysian Digest wishes Surayani all the very best in her new venture and may this new year be as prosperous as it can be for her!