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[VIDEO] Ellen Degeneres Shares Heartbreaking News With Audiences

In an emotional segment of ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ on Thursday (January 11), Ellen Degeneres revealed the heartbreaking news that her father, Elliot Degeneres, had passed away at 92 years old.

The 59-year-old shared a video clip of the segment on her Twitter account, that quickly amassed over 700k views in less than 12 hours.

“Before we go to break, there’s something else I want to talk about,” she said in the opening of the video.

“I mentioned yesterday when I was talking about all the mudslides that are going on in my community of Montecito, which is heartbreaking, I said that I had a lot going on in my life.

“In addition to what’s going on in Montecito, I lost my dad this week.”

As a tribute to her beloved father, Ellen then showed a picture of the duo when she was a little tot, and stated that her father lived a good long life as he managed to live his life exactly how he envisioned.

“He was Christian Science his entire life, he never had medicine his whole life – never went to a doctor,” she shared with her audiences.

“I never had a vaccination. We never had medicine growing up. And he lived to be 92.”

The voice talent behind Dory in ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’ also relayed that her late father “was very funny” and she opined that she and her brother, Vance, inherited their sense of humour from him.

“My dad was very proud of me. He loved this show and he was a kind man, very accepting man. There was not one bone of judgment in his body,” the talk show host conveyed.

Ellen also reminisced that she and her family only took one family vacation – where the family took a tour of the Warner Brothers lot.

Fast forward to present time, the comedian-cum-actress said that she now works on the Warner Brothers lot and is blessed with her own stage with her name on it.

“He was really proud of that, and before he passed away, I got to talk to him – I got to say goodbye,” she said whilst holding back tears.

“But as I left the building and looked back, I saw a rainbow over the Warner Brothers building; and this was what I saw 10 minutes after I talked to my dad.

“It’s pretty amazing.”

Ellen then shared the image of the rainbow, along with a photo of her father and her, which prompted netizens to shower the much-beloved comedian with heartfelt wishes:

Our condolences goes out to the Degeneres Family, especially Ellen.

May Elliot rest in peace.

- Malaysian Digest