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"If You Absolutely Must Get Into The Classroom, You Are Allowed To Smash The School Window"

A school actually posted this notice on its door, giving permission for students to commit an act of vandalims but at a price, and for a very good reason.

Everyone knows that during our schooldays, most of our most stressful times comes during our exams. Especially during national examinations, like the SPM or the PT3.

And this weekend, students all across Japan will be taking the Center Test, a two-day standardized examination that also acts as entrance exams to universities, much like our SPM.

During these times, it is undestandable that the pupils will have a lot on their minds, as they prepare to answer the exams that will essentially make or break the rest of their educational path.

So in order to avoid unwanted circumstances, Joysta, a cram school in the Shimane Prefecture town of Izumo is allowing their students to break into the school if they left anything essential, Japan Today reports.

The reason for this is that the day before the exams, most students will be in the cram school for their final lessons. However, during the day of the exams, Joysta opens at 2PM, while the exams start at 9.30 in the morning.

Which is why Joysta is allowing their students to break in, if they left anything essential such as their Identification Cards, or their test registration documents.

In the notice, Joysta stated;

"If you’ve forgotten something in the classroom on the day of the Center Test:

"The test starts early in the morning, so there will be no instructors at Joysta at that time. Even if you contact us by phone or email, we will be unable to come quickly to the school.

"If you absolutely must get into the classroom, you are allowed to smash the school window next to the bicycle parking area. You will, of course, be charged a repair fee, but this is better than blowing your chance to take the test."

In true Japanese fashion, they even included a gentle reminder of the police for the breaking in students.

"Also, be aware that after you smash the window, police officers will quickly arrive, so please retrieve your belongings and get out of the school within three minutes. If the police catch you, you will be late for the test," wrote the notice.

The notice which was first shared on social media by a Japanese Twitter user, @nemuizz quickly went viral on Japanese social media.

Many of them noted that this is such a genius move by the cram school, which will allow for the students to avoid missing their exams.

However, @nemuizz himself had a theory that by putting up the sign and reminding the student's of the police, the student will be afraid to break in, hence they will be extra diligent in ensuring they left nothing behind.

Whatever it is, props must be given to Joysta for proving that they do not care about damages to their property, as long as their students make it to the exams.