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Here Are The Headlines For Today

The English dailies today reported on QR code scams are on the rise in the wake of eWallets becoming a popular choice amongst Malaysians, as well as news concerning the heartbreaking demise of 14-year-old M.Vasanthapiriya, the Penang schoolgirl who attempted suicide after she was accused of stealing a teacher’s phone.

QR Code Scams On The Rise – As reported by NST, crooks are placing their own QR codes over legitimate ones at business outlets, and also on merchants’ websites to steal consumers’ money and data. Meanwhile, a cybersecurity firm says there is reason to worry as the use of eWallets in Malaysia is expected to grow tremendously.

Livid Over ‘Timid’ Teen’s Death – Just a week after M.Vasanthapiriya was accused of stealing a teacher’s phone and attempted suicide, Malay Mail frontpaged that the 14-year-old schoolgirl passed away yesterday. With her family demanding justice, Putrajaya promised that justice will be done without fear or favour.

‘She Was Extremely Sad’ – Meanwhile, The Star highlighted that the family of 14-year-old M.Vasanthapiriya lamented that the Penang schoolgirl, who attempted suicide, felt ‘extremely sad’ following the humiliation that she endured.

No Cover-Up – Following the tragic demise of M.Vasanthapiriya, theSun underlined that the Education Ministry has assured that there would be no cover-ups with regard to the investigations into her death, as the ministry has promised to give their full cooperation to the police.

Aside from highlighting news concerning the Yang di-Pertuan Agong expressing his confidence in the government, the Malay dailies also reported on the possibility of BN losing four states in the upcoming 14th General Election, a nine-year-old daughter abused to death by her own father as well as American scientists finding the link between cancer and vaping.

Agong Yakin Kemampuan Kerajaan (Agong Express Confidence In Ruling Government) – In the midst of the unpredictable global economy, Berita Harian reported that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V has expressed his confidence in the government to help the people face the unpredictable economy by charting new avenues of growth and innovation.

Bakal Hilang 4 Negeri? (4 States In Jeopardy?) – Meanwhile, Sinar Harian highlighted that BN could potentially lose power in Kedah, Perak, Johor and Negeri Sembilan as PKR Vice-President Dr Shahruddin Badaruddin stated that PKR is confident of bagging the four states, on top of retaining power in Selangor and Penang.

Dera Sampai Mati (Tortured To Death) – As underlined by Utusan Malaysia, a young girl was found dead and believed to have been murdered at the hands of her own flesh and blood. Medical examinations soon revealed that the deceased sustained multiple broken bones, bleeding intestines and damaged kidney. Her demise prompted the arrest of her father and step-mother as the mother was previously suspected of abusing the daughter.

‘Lama-Lama Saya Mati’ (Eventually I Will Die)Harian Metro also spotlight the tragic death of the nine-year-old, who had confided in her close friend that she will die soon as she can no longer cope with the physical abuse. Her speculations soon became reality as she was found dead yesterday, and sustained multiple injuries and bruises.

Saintis Sahkan Vape Tingkatkan Risiko Kanser (Scientists Uncover Link That Vape Increases Cancer Risk) – American scientists hailing from New York University have found that the habit of smoking e-cigarettes can lead to the damage of DNA which can increase the risk of lung and bladder cancer, Kosmo! highlighted.

The vernacular daily today reported on a regional cyber security provider reminding Malaysians to be wary of QR codes and China remaining one of Malaysia's biggest palm oil importers.

Be Warned Before You Scan QR Codes – As headlined on the frontpage of China Press, a leading regional cyber security provider has warned Malaysians of scams that uses Quick Response (QR) codes to steal data and money from users.

No Limit Set For Malaysian Palm Oil Imports To ChinaSinChew Daily reported that the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, Bai Tian, coming out in support of Malaysian palm oil in announcing that China is Malaysia’s third largest importer of palm oil, and there is no upper limit set for import or the quantity.

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