[Video] Lucky Man Gets A RM12K Money Bouquet From Girlfriend For Valentine's Day

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For couples in love and in marriage alike, February is usually the month they all look forward to the most as it's the month dedicated to the celebration of love, Valentine's Day.

And seeing that Valentine's Day is inching closer now, most of the couples out there are still racking their heads over what to gift their significant other on the special day.

But one lucky guy who won't have to worry about something like that is a man from Thailand, known as Tua.

In a somewhat early Valentines Day celebration, Tua received a bouquet of money worth 100,000 Baht (RM12,378) from his girlfriend in a restaurant.

In a video recording of the sweet event, Tua's 20-year-old girlfriend organised a surprise for Tua at a restaurant, and presented him with the bouquet of money as his present.

The video went viral in Thailand, with most of their netizens saying that Tua is definitely lucky to be with a lady who is the complete package - beautiful and rich.

According to local Thai lifestyle news portal Coconuts Bangkok, the money bouquet was made entirely using 500 Baht notes.

Tua's girlfriend, Pilaslak Puenchoke, who is a university student said that the gift was for a double celebration, Tua's birthday and Valentine's Day.

“The bouquet was his birthday and Valentine’s gift in one,” Pilaslak told Coconuts via phone. “He’d want men’s stuff, and I don’t know what to pick out for him. I saw the idea [of a money bouquet] on Instagram and wanted him to have it.”

According to her, she asked a florist to make the bouquet for her, and in total she paid 104,000 Baht for the bouquet.

Puenchoke also said that the money was from her own work of selling cosmetic items online.

When asked how her boyfriend responded towards her gift, she said: “He was happy and said he didn’t expect something like this. He said he’d be happy with just a birthday cake from me.”