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This Pretty Malay Girl Hopes To Make Extra Income With Her One-Of-A-Kind Service

Netizens are more than impressed by this girl’s initiative to work as a runner, riding around on her motorcycle to make extra income.

Yus Nor Shaqirah Yus Azman, 20, has been providing delivery services to female customers using her Yamaha 135LC motorbike and this idea came about when she travelled to Indonesia, a country famous for their motorbike ride-hailing services.

When she posted a Facebook status regarding her services, netizens gave plenty of positive feedback, that some even suggested for her to pick passengers up instead of just delivering items.

Sadly, when she found out such service is banned in Malaysia since February last year, Nor Shaqirah started focussing on branching out her services to female only-costumers in Kuala Lumpur as she intends to earn extra income to support her family.

"Prior to this, I started taking orders for delivery of goods and food from friends. Ever since the posting went viral many netizens started asking me for favours but for now, I just want to focus on delivering goods only," she told Harian Metro.

This final semester diploma student also expressed hope for the government to reconsider uplifting the ban.

"This service makes it easier for the people especially those in the city centre avoid traffic congestion and it is also cost friendly as maintenance for motorbikes are cheaper than cars.

"At the same time, it helps women because not all of them know how to ride a motorbike," she said.

Malaysian Digest randomly polled several Malaysians to find out if they would ever opt for this service and here’s what they had to say:

“For safety reasons and the idea of sitting so close to a stranger on a moving vehicle appals me, so I hope motorbikes won’t be turned into another Uber kind of service in Malaysia,” said Fatin Farhana, 28.

Echoing Fatin’s stance, Suzan, 36, also does not feel comfortable sitting at such close proximity with a stranger and questions the insurance if anything bad were to happen on the road.

“Malaysia’s record of motorcycle accidents is alarming and our weather too will make it an uncomfortable journey,” said Suzan.

However, with the cost of living gradually rising, Maychee, 25, however, wouldn’t mind for it as it would save her a lot of money compared to the Grab and Uber fares.

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