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Guan Eng Says Najib Was At The Signing Of The MOU For The Penang Tunnel Project, But What Does The Picture Show?

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"In case he doesn't know me, this is me. Najib was standing right beside me ," the Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said while pointing to a photograph.

Guan Eng was showing a photograph to reporters gathered for a press conference yesterday taken during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Penang Tunnel project in April 2011 with China Premier Wen JiaBao at that time, The Star reports.

"He is a busy man. He might have forgotten that he was at the MoU signing," Guan Eng went on to describe the presence of the two leaders as a form of endorsement for the state government project.

But what does the photograph prove?

According to Barisan Nasional strategic communications deputy director Datuk Eric See-To, what is more important to know is what came AFTER the photograph was taken.

"The picture was taken before the RFP were called, before CRCC was misrepresented as a shareholder, before BUCG also left the project, before the RM305mil cost of reports were determined and paid, before the reports are still not completed in 5 years," he points out in a recent Facebook posting.

The photograph was also taken before "a RM800mil GDV project was approved in 8 days, before the most lop-sided 30 years toll concession agreement in the world was signed, before RM3 billion worth of land has been pre-sold or before a RM15 billion GDV project was launched by the Penang Tunnel SPV," Datuk Eric added.

Instead of the MOU signing before all the supposedly fraudulent acts were carried out, Datuk Eric said the chief minister's presence at two private ventures MOU should be questioned instead.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

"The first photo is dated August 2015 , where he witnessed the launch of a RM15 billion GDV luxury property project by the Tunnel SPV on state land to be given as payment to the SPV.

"The second photo is dated January 2016 where Guan Eng witnessed the pre-sale of rights to Penang state land by the Penang Tunnel SPV for RM2.83 billion to a listed company.

"How is the state govt involved in both signings?" he queried.

Concluding, he urged Penangites to ask the chief minister why the only thing to show since 2011 is a "RM15 billion luxury property project" instead of the promised "Penang Tunnel and 3 roads projects".

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