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Racoon's Climb Up 25-Storey Building Has Netizens On Tenterhooks

One lucky racoon in the US has not only made it (to the top of a building, that is), but has also gained world-wide attention for its dare-devil antics.

As the animal reached the roof of a 23-storey building in Minnesota, those tracking the hashtag #MPRraccoon on Twitter let out a collective sigh of relief.

It all began on Monday (June 12), when the racoon was stranded on the Town Square office building.

Although the local fire department and building workers tried to rescue it by using a makeshift ladder, it scampered away and started climbing the nearby UBS Plaza.

On Twitter, users held their breaths when they watched video clips of the racoon making a slow ascent using just its claws.

Then, the animal took a break on the window ledge on the 23rd storey.

Meanwhile, netizens fretted over its safety and pleaded for rescue services to help the animal.

The incident even prompted James Gunn, director of the film Guardians of the Galaxy (which features a heroic racoon as one of its main characters) to offer US$1,000 to anyone who would rescue the critter.

Opening the window to let the animal in seemed to be the solution, but the windows of the building are sealed shut, media reported.

Later that day, the racoon decided to make its way down.

But he changed his mind and climbed the building again.

Based on latest reports, the fire department has set up a live trap with food on the roof so that they can capture the racoon after its brave ascent.

Let's hope he falls for it.

- AsiaOne