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Anti-GST Rally Numbers Guessing Game

pic: Faisol Mustafapic: Faisol MustafaBY now, you should already know that the talk of the day is yesterday’s GST protest rally held at Dataran Merdeka.

There were, as expected, some skirmishes but none caused any lasting or serious damage.

Obviously, many protesters turned up, but still up in the air as far as the news reports were concerned was the actual head count.

Understandably, the rally organisers did not, or cannot come up with an official figure.


And so, here are the various best guesses published by the media:

Kosmo! = 10,000

New Straits Times = 15,000

Astro Awani = 15,000

Malaysian Insider = 20,000

Harian Metro = 20,000

The Sun = 30,000

Malaysia Kini = Over 50,000
Harakah Daily = Tens of thousands
Al-Jazeera = Tens of thousands
Utusan Malaysia = no mention

But the top prize goes to the Facebook page 'Suara Rakyat'. Not wanting to be inaccurate of the actual count, they employed a tried and tested scientific methodology to solve the mystery.

As seen in the aerial photo below, they have calculated the size of surface area occupied by protesters to come up with an ‘accurate’ estimate. Verdict: over 57,000 people.

pic: Facebook Suara Rakyatpic: Facebook Suara Rakyat


- mD